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Gallup, New Mexico (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 29. September 2012
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Shape: Egg, Oval | Duration: 00:14:17

It was Sunday Sept.29th 2012 at 2pm,partly cloudy day,I went outside,and notice a flash out of the corner of my eye and then saw a white orb moving from east to west under 5.000 ft slowly.I got my camera and started filming,I had 3 witness with me,I filmed 15 mins of video of The 1 Ufo Orb...when looking @ the video again and slowing it down at 27 to 31 secs (FRAME BY FRAME) you can see another ufo orb,race in and around the stationary Ufo at hyper speed,coming from the east and zig zagging and looping west,then headed back east,(the 1 ufo orb was Stationary but moving Slowly heading west)while slowing the film down and going through the footage frame by frame,I noticed 2 to 3 other Ufo orbs looping and zig zaging across the sky in front and around the 1 Ufo that was stationary.At the time we we're filming,we couldn't see the other Ufos because of the speed of the objects.I estimate that the speed was 1/1000th of a second,or 5,000 mph or faster.I came to this conclusion because you can only see the Ufo's at a Frame to Frame basis,(4 mouse clicks equals 1 second)on film.I filmed the object until it went out of site...I will send a copy to you asap,it's on youtube under (GALLUP UFO SEPT 29TH 2012)youtube video quality isn't good at all,so I will send you a very good copy to your office here in NM along with a film time outline...(In Addition),,,I have seen these SAME 3 Ufo Orbs again on(May 30th 2013 @ 3pm)on the East side Of Gallup.hovering over the city moving slowly,blinking White and Orange,when I was filming,,1 of the 3 Ufo's orbs flashed at me.And the footage didn't come out...(Very Frustrating)....Once AGAIN On(June 1st @ 2:30pm 2013)I witnessed the SAME 3 Ufo Orbs over Downtown Gallup NM at about a 2.000 ft altitude,coming from the west and heading East over the city.They Were zig zagging through the clouds.They were over the Downtown Area for 30 mins then headed East and disappeared..I Expect to see them again and I feel that this an Assigned Area,for these particular 3 Ufo Orbs..Thank you for you time...

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