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San Diego, CA

Sighted on Monday 23. February 2009
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 20 min

Black Triangle with 3 red lights observed for 20 minutes, no sound, football field sized.This is a letter I wrote about my sighting to my wife overseas. It includes a lot of details that you might find interesting or useful, so I will include everything instead of typing a new report. I just heard that there was a report on San Diego Local News within the last few 3 days of people reporting the same sighting.Monday Febuary 23rd 2009 I swear to you on my life Yas'...this is all true....This is how it happened....It was about 1:10 am...I went out onto the back deck to call in my cat. She didn't appear. I sat down in my usual spot and lit a cigarette to wait for her. As I looked back up I saw three little red lights way off in the distance. Jets I thought. We live right in the middle of the flight path for San Diego Airport, so I watch the incoming jets lined up in the distance 20 or 30 miles away when it's clear. Which it was this night. No clouds. But I quickly noticed that there was something different about these lights.They weren't staggered like planes lining up for their landing approach which I I've seen thousands of times in my life and watched out here for the last month and 1/2 everynight. Next I'm like, but the Airport is closed. It's been closed for at least an hour. No incoming or outgoing flights until 6:00 am. So I'm thinking smaller private planes..? Military Jets.? Why are the lights not flashing like ALL jets and planes do..with red lights on the right wing and green on the left. These are just red. Constant ..No flash at all. And they are coming closer, but they are still all together like in a pattern. They were getting brighter and bigger, but they were moving much slower than any planes..Taking way longer to get to where they should be in the landing path.Helicopters..? They are getting closer and it's starting to hit me that I may be seeing something very strange.By now I'm standing up going saying out loud to myself...What the hell are those ? And they just kept coming still way off maybe 10 miles or more..But defenitely coming straight towards me. It was getting weirder by the second as they kept approaching.Then I slipped in the door and grabbed the binoculars.Is it a blimp..? Some kind of balloon. It was defenitely not an aircraft, helicopter or anything like that. It was coming right up over the top of the mountain ridge on the other side of the valley. And it was then I really started to kinda freak out..not really, but more like excited...what was it.... I came back out on the deck and I put the binoculars up to my eyes and focused. What I saw made my jaw drop. It was Huge..I mean the size of a Football field.One more second and that was it..Everything suddenly clicked in my brain... I had logically ruled out every possible explanation. It was a UFO.My mind had no doubt at that point. I was seeing a "real" UFO. I was wittnessing what they call a "sighting". I knew I had never seen anything like this in my life and then I realised it was one soild object. A triangle. It was perfectly visible now and moving slow...floating no sound..It just hit me..NO Sound at all. Oh my God. I was in shock. Through the binoculars it was very clear and I could now see the defenite shape of a triangle and just then it started to turn slightly and I could see the red lights..one on the nose and two on the rear tips. A giant silent floating triangle. I couldn't beleive what I was seeing...but yet I really did..I knew.I kept staring in amazement..And the it rotated even more and swung around completly where I could see it from the side. It was incredible.! Then it just stopped..and hung there and I focused the binoculars on it again and I could cleary see the outline of the triangle. barely visible..but it was defenitely there..It was slightly brighter than the sky behind it, but it blended in so well you had to really look closely to see it. Oh my God ! Picture..I gotta get a picture...! By now I had been watching it for at least 7 minutes or more...It just hung there..almost motionless...completly silent...Like I said it was giant...three times the size of even our largest Jumbo Jets...Bigger than the Damm Space Shuttle..My mind was racing now...I was afraid to walk away and grab the camera in case it did someting or took off...But I made my move...Boom I dashed in the house..snatched my Mom's camera and ran back out..10 seconds....Still there...! I turned on the camera and started to take the shot, but the display menu was on the screen and in the viewfinder and it wouldn't shoot...Damm it..! I kept messing with it with one eye on the lights...I could not get it to work..I tried for two more minute I'd say and then I gave up....And went back to staring through the binoculars...It was absoultely stunning. My brain is racing a million miles an hour.... With thoughts like........Is anyone else seeing this...? Can I be the only one in this entire valley that is seeing this...? Should I call someone..?...who...? 911...? the news station..?...Someone has to see this....God why is the camera stuck..I am standing here looking at a UFO just hanging in the sky and I can't get a picture..Who is gonna beleive this..? Mom...! I have to wake her up...I start to go inside to wake her up...What if it's gone by the time she gets out here...? She is gonna think I have lost my mind or I am drunk or on drugs or something...Anything except seeing a UFO....! Oh well..I have to take a chance it will still be here...it's been here this long and with no sign of moving..I hesitated only a few seconds more and made my move...she can make the camera work...! It's her camera.!...Boom..I ran.....Ten seconds I am upstairs at her door pounding Mom Get Up..! Mom..! Wake up.....! She answers starteled from her sleep...Jeffrey what is it....? Whats wrong..? I hear her getting up...Outside....Look out the window..! She says while frantically getting dressed, Whatis it...? I don't know I said....Lights..Red Lights...We gotta get a picture....! She gets to her window and looks out I guess and says ..."Jeffrey those lights are on the Road across the hill"...I had already started back downstairs and was yelling.."Get down here..Hurry..You gotta see this and the damm camera won't work...! I hear "my step father"grumbling in the background...."What the Hell is going on ?".... I hollared back at him..Get up _____, get out here quick...get your camera..your not gonna beleive this thing...! I was gone In less than a minute I was back out and I looked up praying it was still there. It was. Same spot. Just "hovering" there..effortlessly.I go back to the binoculars...It is mesmerizing. A few seconds later and Mom is beside me...Still not sure what I'm seeing....She looks out and says again.."my name"..."Those lights are on the hill over there" Kinda pointing across the valley off to her right .....I say No Mom...Up there..In the Sky......and point as I handed her the binoculars. She puts them up to her eyes and fixes on the lights.....I waited for what I knew was coming.....Oh My God.!...Jeffrey..What is that ? It's a UFO Mom..."There is no doubt in my mind". Look at that thing...the size of it. She already knew I was right. It was undeniable. It can be nothing other than a UFO.She just keeps staring going..."Oh My God...It's unbeleivable..." I start pointing out all the details...No sound...the outline..telling her to look really close and keep the binoculars very still. She could see it all perfectly..She was astonished. I could still see it fine with just fine without the binoculars. "We gotta get a picture Mom...Fix the camera...I practically hand to pry the binoculars out of her hand and handed her the camera.. She turned it back on and waited for it to set, but it did the same thing..and she kept messing with it but it wouldn't take a shot. It just kept getting stuck.And I knew it wasn't going to. I was frantic to get a photo and yelled for "My step father" again a few seconds later he was there. Still half asleep ..going "What the Hell you guys...".....We just pointed...and I handed him the binoculars. All the while, Mom is still fumbling with her camera, looking up and down still shocked. Then it's ---"his"--- turn..After he looks at it for a few seconds....Same thing..."Oh My God"...That is a UFO ____...!..Look how big it is..! We said something like Yes...Yes..Get your camera ----------This one is stuck...Another minute of mumbling words and staring at it in awe and he hands Mom the binoculars and takes off for his camera.I was pissed that I don't have one right now, except for on my phone, and that would not have shown up so far away. Even with their cameras it might not show up very well but I think it should be visible and it could be some kind of proof. Mom and I just keep staring and I tell how it appeared and everything. We were both still toatally stunned. What a sight. We were so excited and were convinced it was very real. Our eyes couldn't lie to us.By now it had been over 15 minutes since I first saw it. ______ comes back with his camera, and gets ready to shoot....But of course...It goes dead....He turns it back on...Boom...It shuts down again...Dead battery...We are all frustrated...Damm It.I don't know what is more unbeleivable..A UFO hanging in the sky in front of us or that we have two cameras that won't work....I can't beleive we can't get a picture...Another couple minutes and we realized that neither camera was going to work and we were disappointed, but still excited.We talked about calling 911...the police...fire department...But we just kept staring.I am serious Baby...It was truly Fantastic..I wish you could have been here to see it yourself.Then as we continued taking turns with the binoculars, It started to move again. We all said something...It began to turn it's nose back toward the direction it had came from go sideways..the it suddenly pulled up until it became completely vertical...straight up and down like it was standing on it's tail end with it's nose pointing straight up in the sky. It stopped there for a few seconds, and then it flipped around and went back leveled out facing the direction it had appeared from and hovered there again. To see it turn like that we all knew that anything we have that flys in the sky can not make those manuevers...especially without making a sound....We watched...eyes wide open..fascinated....But what happened next was the most incredible part of the whole thing and left us almost speechless..It slowly began to disappear...one light at a time....what looked like the "front light" slowly dimmed out...It wasn't moving away though like the way it approached. It was actually vanishing....the 1st light...then the 2nd and then the 3rd...it took about 30 seconds to disappear.And it was gone just like that. It wasn't like it moved far away or went up or anything..it completly vanished right in mid air.We talked about the whole thing for about 45 minutes...All kinds of ideasand questions...what it was...what it wasn't...why was it here...did anyone else see it or report it..get a picture or video.....Is it possible for us to be the only people to see it....On and on.....We turned on the news and went through the local channels..Nothing....We said we should report it..but to who..?...the police..and what would they do...Laugh..Probably take the report and throw it away..thats it.So I said I would go on the internet and find a UFO "Hotline" or something and make a report and see if anyone else made any reports also.About an half an hour after it had gone I looked out my window and saw several small planes flying around the area which was wierd that late at night..They flew around the area for a while and they flew off. I went back to the internet and a few hours later the next thing I knew it was 6:00 and the sun was coming up. Then I heard jets... Military jets...they were blazing around all over up there going around in a sort of big circle. This went on for about half an hour and then fly off away. They defenitely looked like they were looking for something. I'm pretty sure I know what it was..! As of now I have not found any peports from that night, but I haven't looked yet today..But I will. Someone had to have seen it too. What an experience Yas'. I'm not kidding Babe it was straight out of a movie scene...but undeniably real.Thank God I woke Mom and _______ up and we all saw it together...Otherwise they would probably beleive I saw something..but that it was something more explainable than a UFO. But we all agree it wasn't.I am 100% positive in my mind that it was some kind of "Craft"...Who was inside it is the big question. Extraterrestrials...?or was it the military testing a secret "spacecraft" which we supposedly crashed in Roswell New Mexico back in the 1947and we learned how to work and used the technology to build our own "Ships". All that goes on about 600 miles or so from San Diego in Nevada at the militarys most secretive base called Area 51. People claim they have all kinds of strange "spacecraft" out there.Who really knows. Why would they fly anything down here in San Diego..? I personally don't think it was "us" flying that thing.I beleive it was defenitely extraterrestrial in origin. We are wondering if it will appear again.....sometimes "sightings" as they call them happen alot in clusters in the same area over a short period of time.....it's possible.and I'm ready with a camera that works..just in case... I doubt it. But we'll be keeping our eyes on the sky around here thats for sure.......I stayed up last night to see if it would return...It didn't. I could go on and on about all the details but I'll stop for now.and write more later.Pretty wild huh Babe !?! I'll tell you one thing...It was defenitely an experience that none of us will ever forget as long as we live.

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