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Marshal/Malta Bend, MO

Sighted on Wednesday 17. December 2008
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 45 minutes

hovering lights in disc shape possible causing electrical disruption to car and cell phoneI thought I’d make record of my recent sighting of a UFO. It was on December 17, 2008, on my way home from Marshall, Missouri when I first noticed the strange lights. I was driving North on 65 hwy in the direction towards home. Not yet out of town, by our local radio station, KMMO, I saw a small red light resembling a planet approx. a mile above the KMMO station. It was moving in small circles, slowly getting lower to the ground, closer to the hwy and dangerously close to my car. The light changed in color to a yellow green and white, and a possible shape took forward as a string of lights appeared in a disc shape resembling a Frisbee but I saw only the lights. It was raining quite hard this night. The object got closer to the hwy and my car. When it was no more than three car lengths in front of my vehicle and going no more than 20 mph, I slammed on my brakes, afraid of hitting the object, though all I saw were its vast lights. No more than a few feet from the ground and getting within a car length of my car, I started to panic and dig into my coat pocket for my cell. I called home and described to my Dad exactly what I was witnessing. By this time, the object had stayed this car length from my car and took up both lanes of the hwy spanning at least 30 feet in length but no more than a couple of feet in height. I was close to my gravel road, country road 425, a right turn from the hwy about 7 miles from town. Hesitant, I turned. The object was out of sight for a moment and I was relieved. My car died and I reached for my cell once again. My cell appeared dead. I turned the key and my car started. The lights came into view again to my left on the gravel road but at least 50 feet out in the fields. Appearing to be intrigued by my vehicle the lights moved as my car moved but remained in the field. At the second turn, the lights still in view, my car died again. The object moved closer, at least a car length, to the left of my car, and though it was raining and I had my windshield wipers as fast as they would go to keep my vision from being obstructed by the rain, it appeared the rain had stopped. I looked in front of me and saw the lights from the church on our gravel road. It was still pouring, if not raining harder. The closer the object got, no rain fell on my windshield. I started my vehicle again and looked to my left. The object had distanced itself from me but continued to follow along side my car. A mile and a half on the gravel road, the object stopped in an empty field to my left at least 100 ft. from the gravel road. The field where the lights settled a few feet from the ground often floods in rain and those crops are lost in the summer. My car dies again but starts easily a third time. I continue to drive home but the object did not follow but remained stationary in the field, a good 30-35 ft of lights, parallel to the horizon. The object was still in view a good mile through my rearview but seemed to not move. Over the railroad tracks my car died again. I find the constant dying in relation with the encounter strange, since I had my car only a month and it was fairly new: an 07’. I made it home, the object, I assumed still in that field. I ran to the house, falling a few times in my frightened hurry, to my dad on the computer in our dining room. I gave him a brief summary and suggested we drive down to the object in a different vehicle. My dad was not in a huge hurry. We left a half hour later. Not to my surprise, the object was gone. I did call the Sherriff's Dept. to report the incident. The dispatcher said they'd send someone out to investigate, but no one came to question me. My family later learned that a number of individuals had reported seeing odd lights near Marshall on the same evening.

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