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Watson, OK

Sighted on Tuesday 03. February 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: 3 min

Round, bright, flying object moving in a NE to SW direction then does a star trek exit from sight, straight up.my wife and I had left her parents house and was heading home to Muse when I had to drain some soda. She stopped the car about 2 miles east of Watson on the side of the road , I stepped out to do what I needed to do, and was looking toward the east night sky. I spotted a bright light that I thought was the very bright planet that is in the night sky this time of year. I then thought , No, The planet is over this way and looked over my shoulder and was correct in my thoughts and called out to my wife to look at this light in the sky. It was a stationary light at that time, but started moving from the NE to the SW. It was not moving very fast at that moment. My wife got out and we watched it move across the sky , then it just rapidly flew straight up, out of sight. It was as big and as bright as the very bright planet we see every night, white light, with no other lights visible. I thought at one point it was a helicopter but dismissed this notion as soon as It did the star trek zoom into the night. We , neither one use the UFO term as we never have seen one, possibly until now. We do not know what it was, but I can honestly say, it was not a plane, jet, helicopter, satellite or weather balloon. Something was up there, and it wasn’t from around here. We plan on carrying our cam corder with us everywhere from now on.

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