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Astoria, OR

Sighted on Sunday 29. March 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: 30 seconds

Three separate lights dart across night sky on same trajectory , as if chasing after one and another, but they turned.I saw what looked like a dim, blue star moving across the sky. Then another appeared on the same path, further behind. The second object caught up with the first. Then the first object went into a tight, elliptical orbit, heading back the opposite direction as the second object followed. When these objects began their elliptical turn, a third object came towards them, quickly, from much further away. When the third object was close to the other two, it slowed down. The three objects were moving slow at this point, then faded out of view. All three objects looked the same, like dim, blue stars. I was standing at the edge of the, Columbia River, Washington, off State Route 401, facing east, looking directly across the river towards, Astoria, Oregon, when I saw this. As it was, I was observing the sky. My line of sight was 60 degrees. The objects came from the north and were heading to my south before they turned. At first, I thought that I found a satellite, whereas it was moving quickly. My eyes followed it from my left-north to right-south. Then I scanned my eyes over to the left again and spotted another one moving much quicker on the same trajectory until it appeared to be behind the first one. I held my hand up, and the length of my thumb was the distance . Then they made the turn, one following the other heading north. Then I looked over to my complete left and saw the third moving the fastest...in about four seconds it was in my front view, slowed-down to almost a stop. At that point, it appeared to be near the other two, which were moving slowly, also. From there, they faded away, as if their lights dimmed out.

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