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Nehalem, Oregon (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 29. August 2019
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:02:00

I was camping at nehalem state park campgrounds, sleeping in my car with my dog, while thunder and lighting was going on from about 10pm wed night until 4:30 am thursday morning, when the rain started. it was coming down so hard it felt and sounded like my car was being pelted with marbles. my dog was shaking with fear, and he usually is not afraid of thunder or lighting, but this was over the top. it stopped raining at about 5am and i exited the car with my dog to relieve himself. we walked around for about 20 minutes and came back to the car. i looked up and the clouds were clearing right above us with some clearing winds. i stopped walking when i saw what i thought was a large star. i thought that's odd, venus isn't right above us. then i saw it moving to the nw and rubbed my eyes to make sure i wasn't seeing things. the clouds were moving so i used the trees on either side of us to gauge the movement, and sure enough it was moving from my right to my left, but did some wobbely, darting around moves before heading to my left and out of site. when i was driving back home on highway 26 towards portland oregon, i stopped at a rest area, saw a couple of teenage boys and stopped to pet their husky dog. they told me they were headed back home from camping at nehalem bay state park and i told them i was too. we talked about the thunder storm and then we talked about the antigravity craft we saw. the mother, husband and little girl were also in the van and they all saw it except for the little girl that stayed inside the tent under the cover s. so at least 4 other people saw and described exactly what i saw that night. earlier during the day (wednesday) it had been completely sunny with no clouds in sight, an extremely dense wave of fog rolled in directly over the bay towards the beach, it was so dense that you couldn't see anything at all past about 30 feet. it felt eerie and we walked for 10 minutes back to the campsite, too little visibility to be safe. when we were back at our site, you could hear loud military jets flying overhead, but we couldn't see a thing, all visibility skyward was obscured by clouds and fog. i know exactly what they sound like, i hear them all the time coming from the pdx airport, but they usually go super fast. i noticed that these were going slower than i had ever heard them when they pass over my house back in washington.

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