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Portland, Oregon (United States)

Sighted on Monday 03. September 2018
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Shape: Star-like | Duration: 03:00:00

Portland, or. past couple months i've often been noticing new and strange behavior in my frequent sky observing. especially past week or so every night there are these very bright and large in magnitude looking "stars" that seem to simultaneously pop up. sometimes if your looking in right area you will notice a kind of "poof" effect as to how they show up and usually in pairs, which is sometimes confusing as to how they were not noticed within seconds ago, something that big. during their shifty bobs and weaves or slow drifting, you can see other lights around the brighter one appear sometimes, as if its the same craft or a hidden association. the most remarkable observation of these objects is their very prominent, detail in color, and almost blinding red and blue flashes. i usually observe more than a few of these, most counted was 8 to 10 and they are usually in same area of sky, the flashing ones. they are also always very low on the horizon, below cloud height. within just 15min of observing these flashers you will notice its significant distance that it's casually and seemingly un-noticable drifted or made small darts advancing in its pathway. no other stars have moved in hours or even days sometimes. i've never seen such fast travel speed in any real stars ever. these flashing ones always seem to appear in same time frame and even exit or shift. i can never get a good view through my telescope or with my camera for more than a few seconds because of their movement and the darkness photons on my camera and even the intense red and blue flashes make it hard to focus in on and zoom to catch structural detail of any sort. what i do notice, and had to make sure several times with other witnesses and different nights was that these flashers are trailed and accompanied by much smaller blue and red orbs that do not flash, but are solid and have much more bold movement at fast speeds. the larger, flashing ones appear to release them or are being launched off of from time to time. i see them come back and run right into it, usually in a trio of the smaller orbs. so every night now i've been seeing these large flasher objects and smaller orbs. i don't see this being military, as these are not discrete at all with the lights and low altitude and i've never seen any craft or star emit such violent colorful flashes, it's almost like messaging of some sort. they will hover with small yet progressive movement for hours emitting these flashes among their ascent and again accompanied by the smaller ones that appear solid in lighting but high activity in movement and speeds. sometimes even i will notice small non commercial planes that will fly by it several times repeating a large loop at different altitudes in an observing matter. you will see them dart away from our planes or even seem to freeze during any near oncoming or outgoing air traffic, then as soon as a plane will pass it, an observed orb will almost immediately do a quick bob or weave motion like it was "shaking it out" from being still and also to mention the stopping of the flashing whenever around another nearby or oncoming plane. last week a plane was flying over my house descending towards the airport when all of a sudden i saw two large, bright and yellow orbs simultaneously in two flashes appear behind each side of the plane and at apparent transonic speed they caught up with the plane and started to "v" it off by both objects closing in from each side toward the front of the airplane, in an apparent way to disrupt or spook it (which it did). they continued to "v" it off all the way to the cockpit almost completely reaching the front tip of plane when the pilot made a staggering/ dip move (looked like a loss of control over the plane) and quickly veered a sharp right into a early descend. that was about a 7 seconds event of the yellow fireballs chasing/cornering it. shortly afterwards i can hear a fast helicopter in the same area followed by a newer looking, small plane of ours (sounds like an old cessna) making circular, observing- like patterns around viewing of sight. i have no doubt that our governments and defense knows about and in ways are working or communicating with a.I. and its life forms, but these crafts, their low altitudes and easily recognizable lights make these ufos easy and well viewed phenomena to spot. there are also orbs about the same size as the flashers that are always in same spot in sky hovering, making very close, small loops (in comparison to dog chasing its's tail) in an observational matter. these will also occasionally dart,bob and weave especially when planes or recognized craft go by and suspiciously these "stars" do not twinkle at all, yet they are just above cloud height with small movements and occasional smaller orb affiliation. these stationary "stars" will release smaller orbs as well, but for the most part make small movements and adjustments. to me they appear almost as if they are watching over us and protecting us, even though their presence is still not yet in our full and/or final disclosure. so last night after my usual few hours of observing of the slow and nearing about 6 or 7 red and blue flashing objects on horizon, i saw another strange colored, tree-level, bold and orange orb, kind of zig zagging and hopping about in a eastern path over my house. behind it is a trailing but smaller red orb. at tree top height, these are pretty obvious in the solid orb shape and color and size factor. the orange one had to have been no bigger than a basketball and the little one being a softball perhaps. this was odd and unexplainable as it with a medium and casual pace bounced its pathway over my house, with its sometime's lagging but catching up red orb behind it. i thought this was pretty cool, but i see ufos technically almost every night within observing for a couple or few hours so seeing stuff like this isn't far-fetched for me really anymore, but more exciting and gives me a more "life awareness and progressive-universal connection feeling. as to where earlier i would occasionally get fear of abduction or troubled sleep when seeing ufos or comparative events. anyways, after this i decide it's time to go back inside for bed, which funny and odd enough is often the moment when i will usually see a "closure" or "topper of the night" event and/or sighting to bring what i can believe is an outreach to us in recognition of their presence or what is to come. now this wrap up event before bed, can and has been before a comet, fireball, flash in the sky or clouds (atmospherically common), or even has been sighting of a glowing solid, white craft that does a candy cane "hook with a dip" maneuver diving to the ground and not seen again. so to continue, last night as i'm getting out my chair to go inside, i see a fast traveling red light moving from west to east at a cruising helicopter speed. it is at half- tree height and is moving east and appears far away (no more than 2 miles) when all of a sudden before i can even finish processing the mere thought of it looking like it was coming towards me, there it is. in my own front yard, maybe 8 feet off the ground and maybe 10 feet away from me at the other end of front patio..Perfect viewing distance. i could see and describe it vividly and easily as it was so close i could almost walk a few steps over and jump to touch it. so here it all of a sudden is, hovering over our cars and almost sitting on the lower power lines going to my house. i'm standing there with the front door still open, just grinning because it's exactly what i've been waiting to happen for this past week or two. it was this evangelical, basketball sized, perfect, soft, and almost transparent sphere. this sphere had no imperfection or any structural surface behind/inside/ to it. being this close, it was easily observed that this was in fact a perfect looking gas-like sphere that was perfect in shape, propulsion, and movement. it moved like a hummingbird with very fast, smooth, and balanced propulsion/ movement. there was no sound, no fluttering, no wobble or propellers. initially i though a drone as well, but drones are known for their recognizable buzzing sounds of their propellers. also their flight is wobbly, not perfectly balanced, and cannot master gravity and weightless appearing travel. like i said, it was kind of gassy and evangelical looking, yet so prominent in the red glow. i observed it on my power line just hovering, still, before looking to the right and then the left, turning around to cross the street to my neighbors house 20ft away, hovering above his power lines, then jetting off into the east, its original observed path before stopping at my house. why me and my house? why am i so important if this was a government or personal drone, and are they that advanced in noiseless flight and anti gravity propulsion? i find that being more unbelievable than my theory of it being one of the smaller orbs that i've been observing with the large hovering solid or the moving flashing objects in sky. whatever is was, it left for the night, as well as the flashers and the hovering ones up higher, with smaller movement (to me they look like special stationary satellites or some kind of observing station of our own or more likely of a.I. it's really not far fetched to me anymore, and is now quite enlightening and an experience to see such odd phenomena throughout the nights. as a final note, i had to pause during writing this report, because at about 930pm, the red orb that appeared in my yard last night (at least i think it's same one) i spotted coming from the east this time, and relentlessly coming towards my house again! this time it seemed to have some caution to its approach. i had to grab my girlfriend to witness this, because i had just got done telling here about my interaction with it the previous night, and she seemed like she didn't believe me or to that extent. sure as shit, this red orb is floating above our hose again, this time about 50feet in the air, darting back and forth. a part of me was worried a little about it's return and intentions. i flashed my flashlight three times at it and almost instantly it shot up to the sky with a small afterburner effect on its tail, doing a half hook shaped circle and the whole thing turned blue in an instant, then took off north in the high sky almost 500feet. it then turned around again coming towards my house, me and my girlfriend just watching in confusion. i flashed it a couple more times with my light, and it seemed to wobble or be disturbed by it, because it dropped altitude, turned around, and lowered into the east again. this red orb above my house i believe could be an advanced drone, but for what purpose or importance? this report is to mostly serve other people with the acknowledgement and recognition of similar things or events that they too are seeing or going through. i wanted to kind of blend in my weeks of sightings into one report. i know that whenever i read an article of similar sighting or events, it's a huge relief for me and makes you feel more credible and not alone or maybe just seeing things. this awareness and way of universal acceptance and thinking is a great way to cosmically be in touch or connected to other intelligence and beings in our galaxies that are trying to help us see and gain more knowledge to more than just right in front of us on our little blue planet under the layers of atmosphere and the vast darkness and mysteries of space. it's a little frustrating sometimes to see all theses similar reports in same areas with similar events and sightings, but yet to not find any articles, news coverage, or acknowledgement by certain agencies, operations, security or governments. withholding information from us of this subject is a very big step for us as a humanity, and makes it harder on everyone to advance and believe. we aren't being given the time of day by some of these organizations, it's all being blanketed to say or hidden. our government obviously is not and has not been telling us what's really going on and the agendas behind this subject. this is why i believe the number in reportings this past two years is higher than ever, because they are giving us a chance to see and believe in it ourselves, as we should, and having it our own installed and certain belief from experience or contact. their technology and information about our origins and how we could advance or better this world would change our lives and way of thinking and living enormously, and would be a huge step in the advancement of our own species. it would not only be beneficiary to us and our planet, but to those who are trying to preserve it and the future for it and ourselves, carrying on their technology and what it truly means to be connected to our planet, and maybe one day beyond our solar system if we could ever make it out of ours. they are giving us the tools, don't leave it up to others to decide or believe for you. i hope this brings some clarity or closure for others, like your stories do to me. thank you.

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