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Lehigh, OK

Sighted on Friday 15. May 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: 2-3 Minutes

Extremely fast moving, non-flashing, non-airline, non-meteoric, non-star LightAt 4:45AM on May, 15th, 2009, I stepped outside for a minute to catch the weather (getting ready for work). I noticed it was a half moon this morning, and my chickens were already up and making noise (the usual). As I stood there (and as I often do), I looked directly up from my position into the night sky and I was faced to the East (the Moon would be on my right hand side, the Dipper on my Left).I usually see airliners this early in the morning (one, maybe two), either coming from OKC to DFW, or from Tinker AFB in OKC, with their typical, and never confused, blinking red lights. The stars are out his morning, the moon not extremely bright, so I figured I might see one.I did see SOMETHING, but not an airliner/jet. It was moving directly above me, from West (directly above me) to East (directly in front of me, very slightly SE, slow, long curve), and did NOT have ANY blinking lights at all. In fact, the only reason I DID see it is because unlike a jet, this twinkled from time to time like a Star (and not steady like a jet or planet, and Venus is up (I think it is her), east of the Moon's position, which was to my front right, at about the 1 O'Clock position, the Moon at my 4 O' Clock position).The only reason I wondered about this, is that it left NO visible trail in a clear, partially moonlit sky (such as a foreign object, or meteorite), and was moving MUCH faster than any object I have EVER seen. It covered (from my view) directly above me, to almost Tree top in the FAR distance/horizon in less than 2 minutes, and to date, after having seen thousands of airliners/military jets move over us, I have NOT seen one cover that much distance in that amount of time. It was extremely high up, for me to not distinctly see the typical airliner lights (which you always see).It was a fairly steady blue-ish light, which twinkled, had no "burn" trail such as a meteor (that "electrical wire/copper in a fire" type of trail), and finally simply disappeared (faded), still no trail, and no airliner lights. As it moved, I shifted my vision 4-5 times to other parts of the sky to compare/confirm that it was (A)Not my vision playing tricks, (B)Not a Star I was mistaking, (C)Not an Airliner (I moved my physical position to confirm) and (D)Not a Meteor. It made ZERO sound (that high up, I would not have heard it anyway).No other airplanes were in the immediate sky (my vincinity) that I could see.I thought I had seen "fast" before, this morning proves I was wrong. EXTREMELY wrong.I have no idea what it was, but I DO know I wished I had RADAR this morning!

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