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Onamia, Minnesota (United States)

Sighted on Friday 17. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Diamond, Star-like | Duration: 00:02:00

On August 17th 2012, around 10:30pm, 3 miles north of Onamia MN next to HWY 169, I saw a small diamond (star-like) shaped craft moving from NW to NE at around 20,000ft. I witnessed this event with a family member. I initially thought the object was circular and that my eyes saw a more diamond shape due to fatigue from being up to late. I looked at other light emitting objects in the area such as street lights and planes, but without seeing the eye fatigue affect. This is how I concluded that whatever I was looking at was not normal. The area where this happened is a flight route for commercial and private airplanes going north and south. In addition, there is a hospital about 2 miles down the road (South) that has medical helicopters. I am good at identifying conventional aircraft and whatever this was it was not using the proper FAA navigation lighting (white strobes and green/red lights). This was not a satellite, because it was lower than the commercial planes. It lasted for about two minutes and then switched from a bright white light to a faded dark red/brown and fizzled out of view. It was incredible and something I will remember forever. Side Note: I sent the other witness back into the building to get the camera, but by the time they were back out the UFO had disappeared.

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