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Saginaw, Michigan (United States)

Sighted on Monday 20. August 2012
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 00:01:00

In Saginaw, Michigan, on August 20th, 2012, at approximately 15:55 hours (3:55pm) local time, I was on break at work and went outside for a cigarette. In the northern sky, going from east to west, I saw a relatively close jet airplane and watched it for a while. There were some thin wispy clouds in the sky, but it was mostly clear and cloudless. While watching, the jet's contrail stopped suddenly, and I wondered if the plane was having engine problems since I'd never seen that happen before, but after approximately three, maybe four seconds the contrail started again. I continued watching the plane wondering if I was going to see something terrible happen to it. My coworker, Amy, walked out of the agency's nearby ancillary building and she asked me what I was looking at. I told her I was watching an airplane. She said, "what airplane? Oh, I see it". She laughed and went into the main building while I continued to watch the plane. As the plane started to move off behind a tree to the west-northwest, something in the sky caught my eye above the tree line moving in a southerly direction at a 90 to 105-degree angle (depending on how you view it) from the jet's path. It was on about a 75 to 80-degree angle from the horizon in relation to where I was first standing. Initially I thought it might be two birds floating together high up in the summer breeze, and I walked closer to the main building to try to get a better view. As I watched, the birds' spatial relationship, or aspect to each other, did not change. Suddenly I could see a hazy very elongated triangular shape around the two dark spots that I thought were birds. My exact thought was "what the hell?" By the time I reached the building (maybe four or five seconds), the craft was at about an 80 to 85-degree angle from the horizon in relation to where I was. After a few seconds, the angle of the sun glinted a light reflection off an apparently metallic hull and showed the craft to be solid with a significantly smaller triangular protrusion at the rear of the stretched triangular shape. The sun reflected off the hull for only a second, or a second and a half. The craft floated (for lack of a better word) in a southerly direction (probably 4 or 5-degrees east of due south) for a full minute or more in plain view. There were no strobes or discernable flashing lights on the craft. I remember thinking that I wished I had my cell phone with me to take a picture, but it was in my office. It had no wings, made no sound, and did not appear to be going fast enough for conventional aircraft velocity to remain aloft. There was to contrail. After approximately one minute (maybe more due to my heightened awareness and concentration), the craft had covered about 35 to 40 degrees of airspace from my perspective. During the observation I never took my eyes off of the craft, but at about one minute into the event, the craft suddenly disappeared. I searched the sky for several more minutes to find the object, but it was gone. It simply vanished. While I could not tell the specific altitude of the craft, the object from my perspective appeared to have the length of a large airplane like a 747 or larger, but was much wider toward the rear of the craft, had a triangular extrusion at the rear, with two large dark spots (that I originally thought were birds) aligned on the undercarriage. At approximately 17:00 hours I told my coworker, Traci, that "I might have seen a UFO". While I kind of laughed about it, I was serious. I have never seen anything like it. I'm a Ph.D. level behavioral scientist, I'm a trained observer, and I have no theory or remote explanation as to what I saw. It was like no conventional aircraft I've ever seen. It was NOT a helicopter, hot air balloon, kite, eye floaters, the moon, stars, Venus, birds, swamp gas, weather balloon, or anything like that. It was a solid metallic elongated triangular object floating in the air that suddenly vanished.


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