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West Plains, Missouri (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 26. August 2012
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Shape: Fireball, Oval | Duration: Undisclosed

MY boyfriend and i have been watching UFO's for 2 monthes.They start around 1am til daylight.You will have one yellow globe come from the north hover ground level and then slowly rise to the sky.We might get 2 more come in from the east they come across the horizon.They start of red then yellow.They pick up red globes.When they are close they have red yellow and blue lights.Lastnight or early this morning we went riding 4wheeler cos we notice glowing further away.About a mile and a half on a hill,we notice in the woods across from us had 5 to 7 globes they were either blue or yellow towards the north.Towards the east we saw at first a yellow globe and the it split and had 3to4 globes.Then we saw a yellow globe glide fast threw the trees down a dirt road.Toward northwest we saw 4 globes.2 yellow and 2 green.On the dirt road we were on in front we saw a yellow globe.Further down we saw beams shooting towards ski.All of these sightings is everynight.Our neibours and friends have been seeing them too.We live 5to7 miles from town.Our town has maybe 11000 people.The other night one swooped down above our house and watched my boyfriend for about 15 seconds and then took off and disapeared.

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