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Eatonton, Georgia (United States)

Sighted on Friday 31. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

We had gone to bed around 12 Thursday nnight. Two dogs and a cat are in the room.I got up around two AM, played with the cat, took all of 5-10 minuts.I returnd to bed and my husband was still in bed.This is what he told me the next morning.He could NOT find his sleep shorts! He does not sleep without them.He then proceeded to tell me that he was on the back porch with 2-33 1/2 to 4 foot tall human like people.He said the got him up out of the bed, told him to take off his shortsand draped a sliver gray cape was wrapped around him.They tooked him out of the house to back porch set him down and poked him allover. They pulled the cape off pulled hair from his head, skinwas removed from his right finger. My little toe on my right foot was extended and an sharp instrament insertd, a peace of nail was removed.The next ting I remember was gettin up about 7AM my sleeping shorts were gone and I was cold. I have aplace on my chest right side that is raisedup that was NOT there befor.My being a nurse I checked him out. I found Patches on boath knees, anchelsand under his chin beneeth his caller bones appeared to be an EKG. Reddenpatch on right hand and bottom of right foot, little toe nail appearedto be lifted on one side. He has complained of being disoriented andconfused some sence.Funny the pets said nothing, they and my self hered nothing nor did wesee anything.As a child I loved all this UFO stuff and I sitlld do. BUT this has madea real beliver as well as my husband.I am NOT happy that somethig can come into the house with all the doors and windows locked. My question that I had all my life has been answered.GThey are there and the Government have been covering up for years.

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