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Stoneville, North Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 30. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Fireball, Sphere | Duration: 00:01:00

It was a extremly bright glowing green sphere with a 2-4 ft. glowing green flame trailing it. It seemed to be shadowing me for about 10 seconds and when I speed up it passed me while I was passing 90mph like I was just sitting @ a stand still. After I told a few peers of this event, the following day one of them called me to report a local news station (channel 5 Star news of Rockingham County, N.C.) had been following the story b/c of so many sightings in Danville, V.a., only thats probably in excess of 45 minutes from my sighting location. I am a rational person that trys to exhaust all rationality in everything before making a conclusion. However this is just one of those times I'm baffeled. I seem to be the only witness of this event in my area/county. I contact the local news station only to be informed that they'd been told it was a "science exp." however they seemed to be all of a sudden quick to wanna cut me short now and had no questions for me on the event, though prior to me contacting them they had aired a whole evening news cast where viewers call in to now having no concern to further investigate their big story. This is very unlike this news station, they normally would run this story into the ground, but seemed to have short answers for the situation & asked me no questions nor any desire to prolong my testimony or my questions concerning the event. Reporter Mark Childress, who hosted the news show was the reporter I had spoken with. Also I informed Mr. Childress of the idea of me being a pretty good artist & my offer to draw the object I witnessed for him to view. Although he seemed uninterested and short to wanna provide any useful info on the event. He did inform me that my sighting was the only one known for my area and that all others had been from Danville & that the other witnesses also caught a close (like myself) contact with the U.F.O.. I dont really know what I saw, however I know that due to it's size, shape, vivid colors, ability to react to my reaction to accelerate away from it, & all w/o any noise/sound with the sighting I know undoubtably that it was No science experiment unless it was military. The distance alone beteen the other Danville sightings & my own would alone suggest that it was inprobable to be such. *Please contact me anytime via house or cell phone. J. "Marcus" Nelson (home)336-627-8921 / (cell)336-394-3600 (address) 1042 Hillcrest Dr. Eden, N.C. 27288Thankyou giving us "Joe Smoes" an ability to be heard.

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