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Garland, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 20. October 2012
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang | Duration: Undisclosed

On the evening of Saturday, October 20, 2012 I was at my residence at 227 Pecos Street Garland, TX, a house with a front door that faces South and which is the last house on the left of a dead end street. My electricity is currently disconnected due to financial hardship and my cell phone battery ran low, so I took it out to my car and plugged it into the charger. I decided it was a nice, cool evening so I went inside, got my cola and came back outside and sat on the west side rail of the ramp to the front porch at about 6 to 7 feet away from the porch.I sat there facing East / Southeast with my right knee up on the rail enjoying the breeze and looking out into the field next to my house as well as turning and looking down my street from time to time.The sound of a jet caught my ear and I looked up to the West / Southwest and spotted the plane. It was traveling towards the East / Northeast and as it went past the zenith of my point of view, I turned my head to the East to continue to track it's flight. As I did so, some movement at the left edge of my field of view caught my attention. I turned to see a dark grey / silver object that appeared to be just beyond my house that at first I thought must be a cloud, but as I focused in on it I could tell it was actually some type of aviation craft. It was of a flying wing shape with no fuselage.It was at about half the altitude of the airplane I had been watching and about a 45 degree angle above the horizon. It immediately struck me as odd that this vehicle had absolutely no navigation lights and there was no sound what-so-ever coming from it. So my next thought was, is this a B2 Stealth Bomber? I said to myself no, as this first was not the shape of the B2 as it had no fuselage behind the wing and as I got my distance and size perspective I realized that this object was at least 3 to 5 times larger than the wingspan of a commercial jet. Plus I assumed that the B2 while elusive of radar must make some type of sound and I did not feel that the military would be running at normal air traffic altitudes without navigation lights.So I came to the conclusion that what I was observing was truly unidentifiable and logically unexplainable by me. I continued to watch the object as it maintained a straight line path just a few degrees to the East of North and I was able to watch the vehicle for a total duration of about 20 to 40 seconds before it faded off into the darkness. I then went to my car, noted that the time was 7:49 and started calling my family and friends to tell them what I saw. I then posted it to my Facebook wall and made a report to the Facebook page of a group that is called DFW Scanner which posts notifications of police & fire calls and weather alerts in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. I then called and emailed some other friends. I also monitored the comments to the post made by DFW Scanner of my report. I saw that about 6 people said that they too saw something. One was a woman stating that her child had seen something strange in the sky.Before going to bed, I drew a sketch of the object. Upon awaking the next morning, I discovered that DFW Scanner had deleted the post and I had not recorded any of the info. Greatly disappointed I exchanged emails with them about this and requested they make a statement and give my email address as well as the MUFON website. They declined but welcomed me to make a post on their page myself. I asked one last time for them to post it as by others are buried under a link to subpage. Again they declined.I went over to my brother's house so that I could use my laptop as it's battery will not hold a charge. I then scanned my sketch into Photoshop and did my best to render a drawing that was as close to what I saw as possible and to indicate a reference point for North.I then posted the photo to my Facebook wall and put a link to the picture into a comment on my original report. I then added a photo of the B2 to show the difference, as others had speculated that it might be the B2.I then made a post to the DFW Scanner page identifying myself as the one who had made the original report to DFW Scanner and asking anyone who wanted to make a report to contact me or go to the MUFON website by the link I inserted. I then added my drawing and the B2 photo. I then went about my day. Monday morning sometime after 7:00 AM, I awoke and after a few minutes checked my phone to find I had a text from my brother. I read his message from 6:30 AM that stated, "WBAP talking about UFO & deleted thread. Said call in if you know anything." I then went to the DFW Scanner page to check for comments on my post and found that they had deleted it also. I wrote to them asking why they had done this when they told me I was welcome to make the post. I also told them that WBAP was talking about them deleting the post.I called friends and relatives and posted to my Facebook wall that I was calling WBAP. I then attempted to call both the Call In line and the News line but could not get through. I sent an email to their AM news address. I tried another call to the News line which was answered. I gave them my name and told them I was the original reporter of the sighting. They took my number and called back in a few minutes and interviewed me on-air at about 8:50 to 8:57 AM. After the interview, I received a message on Facebook from DFW Scanner saying they had made a post saying why the thread was deleted and that as I had not had the opportunity to record any of the info, for anyone to contact me at my yahoo email address.After having breakfast and tending to some personal business, I then went to a friend's house to use my laptop to make this report.

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