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Au Gres, Michigan (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 11. November 2012
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

Case #44055. Witness reported seeing small UFOs as like on "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".They had multiple lights, no shape. Lights remained stationary.Witness borrowed telescope that he and girlfriend used. They compared notes andthe same description of lights. Now we have two witnesses.Disc shape with two tails in rear totally iridescent like mother of pearl.Saw one then as many as four. Witness felt weird like watching "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Stated some are larger than others. Said it was frightening.Size of a pin head and one was three times larger than the others. Blue, red, green, and sometimes Yellow. At times they were extremely bright.One northern sky, one N.E. and two east.The time is usually between 7:30 - 8:00 PM15 degrees and 20 degrees from horizon.No sound and the weather was clear. Witness did call 911.Later saw the same lights on CNN T.V.Witness is 60 years old. He was also hesitant and then not clear on telling me what his careerWas. He finially said international transportation. He was out of the country when I firstTried to contact him. He may be a govt worker or flight attendant.UAV Mars was E.N.E. as well as Jupiter and Saturn being visible.

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