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Hagerstown, Maryland (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 18. April 2009
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Shape: Cigar, Disc, Teardrop | Duration: Undisclosed

1.) My wife, both kids and myself we heading down to the baltimore aquarium leaving our house in Hagerstown roughly 6:15 am. We stopped for gas at the sharpsburg exit sheetz prior to getting on the highway so the sighting probably happen closer to 6:30am. There was absolutely no clouds whatsoever in the visable sky during the time of the sighting or for most of the day for that matter. It was also fairly light out being peak sunrise. 2.) My son Lucas (almost 3yrs old) was the first to spot the object. He called out from the backseat "mommy look it's the moon". In reaction to our son my wife and I both looked over. I immediately saw the moon which appeared very clearly being there was no overcast. From my vantage point being the driver of the vehicle, this is all I was able to see. My wife however was in the pasenger seat (the same side as our son) and could see the moon but also something else roughly 1/3 the size of the moon. At this time we were heading eastbound towards baltimore/frederick on US70 roughly half way between the sharpsburg exit and route 40 Hagerstown exit. The moon was located at a position of roughly 2:00 in relation to our car (with directly in front of the car being 12:00) and about midway between the gound and directly above (approx. 45 deg) the oblect appeared at a position that was approx. 2:30 - 3:00 relative to our position just to the right of the moon but slightly lower in the sky. The object was close enough to the moon and being the only two visble objects in the sky at the time. We used the moon to approximate the size of the object to be roughly 1/3 the size visually than the moon.3.) As I said before my wife was the first to get a solid look at it but she could not identify it as anything rational. She imediately said something to the effect of "look at that thing, that is the weirdest thing I've ever seen...what is it?" at which time I leaned over the steering wheel to see if I could spot it. What I saw I could not explain. frist let me say I have had some limited flight time in addition to being a member of the frederick chapter of civil air patrol as a teen so I have seen many planes in the sky at least enough so that I could identify coventional aircraft. so at my first glance the first thing that came to mind was a helicoptor due to the shape and that's exactly what I said to my wife before leaning back. My wife however said "there is no way that's a helicoptor" so I tried to get a better look. upon further inspection I realized it was definately not a helicoptor. The shape at first appeared like a giant reddish orange pork chop (hence the helicoptor connection) however I realized that the larger side which gave it the pork chop shape was actually light reflecting from the sunrise more so off one side then the other making the object appear larger on one side. It seemed to be a large cigar or pancaked shaped craft made of some highly reflective material. 4.) The object appeared stationary or moving very slowly the entire time of the sighting wich only lasted about 10 min or so. The size and clarity of the object is what was so odd. My wife starred at it in amazment for a solid 7-8 mins increasingly getting more and more excited.5.) At first our feelings were that of intrest or confusion while we tried to make sense of what we were seeing. I thought maybe it was even the space station or satilite but it didn't move like that. My second thought was a star or planet as it was early morning and I have seen a planet increase in brightness before dissapearing giving the illuision that something was moving. However upon closer inspection of the shape of the object this notion was quickly dissmissed as it was to miss-shapen to be a point of light unless it was being refracted by something, which is still a possibillity.6.) At this point we were extremely exited knowing this was definetely out of the ordinary even if could be explained later by conventional means it was still something you don't see everyday. At this time we are convinced that this is something out of the ordinary and I immediately yelled to her to grab the camera. My wife went for our video camera which was on the floor between her legs next to our still camera (we were heading to the aquarium so we had both with us) This is were things got weird. My wife quickly pulled out the camera and turned it on (this entire process took maybe 10 - 15 seconds tops while she did so I leaned back into driving position loosing site of the object) and that quick everyting was gone. the only items left in view were the moon and some planes or jets way off to our left (on the opposite side of the car). We made no turns on this stretch of highway and at no time was our view obstructed. The object we observed was completely gone without a trace in less than 15 seconds time after almost 7-8 minutes of continuous observation. This left both of us in awe and completely dumbfounded.If anyone has a explanation they can offer or would like to discuss our sighting further please feel free to contact us. My wife and myself will be happy to answer any questions regarding this in hopes to gain some answers.

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