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Potsdam, New York (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 28. April 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: Undisclosed

me and my girlfriend were driving down rt. 72 in potsdam NY at night about 9:30 pm when we first noticed something that looked like it was either on fire or melting in the sky, then the trees blocked our view. we kept our eyes on the sky in that direction and noticed a thin, horizontal blinking light. It was in front of us at this point. we then turned right onto county route 58 so the blinking light was at 7oclock from the drivers position. It seemed far away, until when we were somewhere in between High Flats and Wildwood (still on county route 58). As we drove past an opening in the trees i looked again towards were we saw the blinking light. I swear to god this was unlike any other lights ive ever seen in the sky. there was three red/dark tan lights about 20 degrees from the surface. they were horizontal, the middle one being a tiny bit higher than the other two on its wings. the lights were like an old, dim street lamp except they were perfect circles. there was no light beyond the edge of the circle, like almost a perfect circle. all three stayed light for about a second, enough time for me to look at her and say 'holy [cms/tg/pd} {cms/tg/pid} did you see that.' i then turned back towards them and saw all three still light, but immediately starting from the right they all quickly turned off their lights, and there was just nothing there again. we kept driving and saw 3 lights, strobing in a pattern. the three lights made a triangular shape, the top one strobe with the bottom left as the bottom right was invisible. then they all went invisible. then the top one strobed with the one on the bottom right while the bottom left was invisible. then they all went out. and that pattern repeated a couple times, each light staying on for about a half a second. then the lights went invisible and we didnt see them again. ive never seen anything like this before, ive never seen lights react that way.

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