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inbtween Prescott+Prescot, Arizona (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 14. December 2008
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Shape: Triangle, Other | Duration: 00:02:37

live in diamond valley and i was on my way home and i was about 50-75 feet from my house, driving, and i saw five lights and i thought kinda strange for a B-52 bomber to be flyin that low right at me directly above the center of the road. i figured it was one bec it was so low and it had a brighter light in the center and two on either side that where parallel with each other but not the center light. so as im going down the 50 feet (which is a small hill that goes down levels out and then goes back up to a greater hill my house is on the bottom slope of the hill about 15ft up from the flat point, but this road is completely straight, it just goes up and down (i know this is the straightest point bec i useto ride my bike there and only there bec it was the only point where you could see cars coming from either directions, almost like a half pipe, but one side three times smaller than the other and ive lived in this house since i was 8 and im now 20 and i've lived in the neighbourhood since i was 5.) Anyways these five lights are very slowly coming towards me, and as im headed down the little hill i notice it move directly left and i kinda thought to myself did that just do that?? or am i trippin? bec had it been a b-52 it would of had to bend sideways to move that way and straighten out and this would of had to of been done in prob 2 sec max. so i dismissed it and i keep lookin at it and im now at the flat part and it moves the same distance but to the right directly right and then i was like, ok wtf is that. and as im thinkin this it moves back to the direct center again (at that time i was going slightly up the hill to my driveway) i park cockeyed in my driveway about 3/4 in the rest of my car in the road and i see it and i realize its black and its just starting to go under me and im thinkin woah that looks like a stealth bomber and now is where it gets really strange, after that point this thing dropped in altitude and slowed down and i realize it was either much bigger or much smaller than initally presumed. its a completely jet black pyramid rotating very very slightly, so black that the just setted sun behind it would of created a reflection but it had none, as it passed beneith me i saw four lights, it was a flat triangluar area at each of the three points a different colored light was strobing very slowly but never went out just got brighter and less bright in sequince with the other two on the courners the corners closest to me where blue and green and the other corner light was red and in the middle was a sufficently brighter whitish yellow light, as its going over me im screaming at it yelling you! hey yo0u! come down! wtf are you! COME DOWN NOW! and right as it passed the point under me. ABSOLUTLY NO SOUND, i could see and hear other planes that where very far away compaired to this thing (it went from my left to right, bec my house is on the left side of the road) and was followin the road it turned off the blue and green and red lights just the whitish yellow ones where there and i looked exactly like a plane and started strobing the red light like a plane would, white lights (and red,blue,green before turned off) ---....oooo00000oooo.... red light after moved over me ---..o0.0.0o.. just like a plane two red flashes every four sec. at this time i flipped my [cms pd] and sprinted to the side door of my house (my car was still on in the driveway) i slipped on some ice and busted my thumb but at the time i was too excited to feel it i ran to the deck which kinda faces the direction it was headed, the direction i came from. grabbed binocks and watched it continue over hwy69 i could not focus on those lights it was if they where unreal, most airplanes flying that low with lights on in that visablitly i would of been able to see the bulb of the light while it was strobing and when it wasnt but i couldnt and there was no reflection of the pure jet blackness of the object; i gave the binocks to my mother who had heard the commotion and she looked at it and said it was a pyramid rotating slightly and flying on its side, on an angle and my mother is a student services cashier at embry riddle aranotical school of enginering, all she does when she is at that position is do student loans, but they make her go out to the airport and do flightline where she is there and watches every plane from ERAU take off and land and log their hours and she said those where NOT the lights of a plane and that was NOT how any of our planes fly. This was DEC 14 2008 at six p.m. (just about on the dot, maybe five, ten min give or take) mountain time

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