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Deal, England (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Saturday 24. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Egg, Other | Duration: 00:04:00

My girlfriend and I were in the upstairs bedroom of her house in Deal, Kent, UK. We decided to smoke a cigarette, as we have children to consider we smoke by an open window. After the first few puffs I noticed what i thought was a very bright orange star very low in the sky, such that it was slightly obscured by a tree in the foreground. I pointed it out to my girlfriend, who also saw, then commented on the fact that it was moving up in the sky. We watched it and dicussed the fact that it didnt look like a jet or a star (we could see and hear a jet in the sky to the right of the object, identifyable by red and green nav lights and white strobe). The object moved swiftly and in a perfectly smooth and straight path that appeared to be an upwards direction in the sky, until we realised it was getting larger. It proceded to pass directly overhead, at which point we could make out its shape slightly better. My girlfriend descibes it best as the fatter half of an egg at the leading edge with an orange aura, the back half was slightly unclear, and kind of looked like tentacles streaming behind it (Trying to put some proportion to it - If the half egg shape part of the object was an inch long, the streaming tenticle part was also an inch). As the object went directly over head, we raced downstairs and out of the front door to observe from the front of the house as it passed over (I'd like to note that it was completely silent, we could hear and see a passenger jet in the distance at the time, but this thing was eerily silent). It continued at a constant speed towards the town of Ramsgate, so in roughly a north easterly direction, it then gradually faded and disappeared as it went into the distance. In terms of altitude, its very hard to tell without knowing the size of the object, however there was what i assume was a passenger jet in the sky at the time. The jet was heading away from the UK so would have been in the climb. The object was certainly lower than that, deffinitely

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