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Seaside, Oregon (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 03. February 2009
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Shape: Sphere, Star-like, Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

so i was sitting at home relaxing after dinner around 8 or so and feel/hear a low ocean like roar... the same sound that came when i saw my first ufo. so i lept out of my seat to go and investigate the sound and right when i got on my porch i could see it. three red lights in a triangle shape (exactly what i saw in april of last year) hovering for a moment then proceeding to head south east from north. this was a very clear night. i was facing south while watching. the lights looked like just one craft the way it moved but just like the last time, the lights went on separate paths without warning. they would go from really bright to dim and back again while roaming the sky. this noise was more of a feeling/vibraton that rattles inside of me as i watch. now they are forming into a straight line with one more red light popping up and just one of them would lightly flicker as in moving direction a white embery color only one of them. the three on the right dissipate in about 30 seconds and the other two come together and create on light that sits for about another minute or so then head way out to the mountains way south and just faded into nothing. then they were gone and so was the sound. about 5 minutes rolls by not even, and i think to myself, i should try my Tebetian Singing Bowl to see if they would come back. because by this time i was so thankful that they came back after almost a year i had nothing to lose and wanted to contact them. so i sit down and start to meditate with my singing bowl and the next thing i know i hear/feel that ocean sound again so i look up and there they are again all four lights!!!!! the weird thing was that the sound intantly went away when i noticed it coming from the north westish. but this time each light was orbiting each other. i was flabbergasted by this point and then the number of lights went from four to six to five and they were even more wild this time in movement. all over the sky then to a line formation again. all sitting there as if waiting or watching something... maybe me as i began to play my singing bowl while i was watching them... who knows. then with them in a line like they were, the middle light would fade out then pop up on the right side of the line then fade back out and take its place back in the center and it does this a few times popping up in different spots. then it completely dissapears leaving the other four. with that division of space between each other that the fith light left they paired up and were drifting apart from each other. the four of them two heading over to the west and the other two heading east but all south-ish. the pair on the left to the east were very close to each other like a binary star system but i could see flashing in between them. and same for the ones on the right to the west. these pairs were sitting about a mile apart then the pair to the west dissapeared and the one in the east sat there about 2 minutes then moves to the west and fades away as well. i just sat there on the ground thinking about what i had just seen and then i sort of floated into lying down and gazing at our universe and began laughing hysterically to the point of tears... it was a truly wholesome and enlightening experience. If anyone ever has a chance to visit Seaside, Oregon do it!!!!

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