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Goderich, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Monday 16. March 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

The nightsky was extremely clear and filled with stars. Around 8:00 pm I was just standing outside my daughter's farmhouse which is about 3 miles from the west coast of Lake Huron and staring up at the nightsky when I observed a large round star-like object travelling almost directly overhead parrellel to the earth going in a south to northern path. The object appeared slightly bigger than any of the other largest visible stars/planets and travelled in a slow steady manner. It was not as high up or as small as any satellite of which I am very familiar with. It did not appear to be up as high as a commerical jet or as low as a small local private plane. It did not have the manner of a falling star or meteor insofar that it did not just seem to fall or drop down on an angle and burn out.The colouring appeared as just a very bright, white (not glowing) light. It did not appear to be any sort of aircraft of which I am familiar seeing in this area. I observed it for about 15-20 seconds before running into the house to tell my daughter who was able to grab a quick glimpse of a white star-like object through the window before it disappeared.It did not make any sound. The evening was quiet and I observed this object on a farm where I am always seeing jets and other types of aircraft and am able to hear them. This was definitely something I have never seen before and I knew immediately upon seeing it that it was something quite different from any other aerial objects I have seen. I became excited right away and just had to make sure someone else saw this object. Unfortunately it had disappeared by the time I ran back outside again.One speculation I had after the incident was that this was some sort of craft (ufo) which was reflecting light from the sun which had already gone down some hour before. Although the description of this object is relatively plain and unexciting I instinctively knew I was seeing something unusual.

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