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Lexington, Kentucky (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 19. March 2009
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

I arrived home from work at 10:08p to get my cell phone. i had recently reported a sighting to your organization a couple of weeks ago from january so i've been looking to the skies alot more lately. anyway, i pulled into the driveway and saw the object in a NE position about 2 miles or less away, i am not quite sure the exact altitude. i noticed it was blinking and the colors were changing, so i ran inside and got my phone to take a pic. you can't see it on the phone, but i got my binoculars out to have a better look. the object was clearly changing colors and rapidly changing shape. i was so scared but i had somewhere to go and i brought mt binoculars with me. as i drove south on US-25 toward lisle rd. (where my first sighting took place) i notice that i was coming closer to it. as i turned down lisle rd. you can see a pretty big open field to the left and just above the field hovering over the trailer park was the UFO! about 1,000-1,500 ft. up about this time. i pulled over and got my binoculars out again and it exibited the same properties as before, just hovering stationary not moving. i had to rush to meet my cousin for the money she owed me. she lives just across the street in the adjacent trailer park. when i got to her house the treeline shielded the UFO from my sight and i couldn't see it. i ran in and ran out as quickly as i could try and track this UFO's flight pattern. i would've chased it all night! when I got back to the intersection of US-25 and Lisle Rd. i looked to my right at the field where i had seen it before and it was gone! i am not crazy, i do obsess about this, i don't drink or use drugs and i am not on any psych meds. this thing was there and just as quickly, gone. something is going on in this area and i want to know what. these things are disguising themselves as stars so that we don't pay anyattention to them. you cannot drive closer to a star and around it when you make left turns just less than 2 miles away from the initial point of sight. stars don't change shape and color before your eyes stuff like that takes tens of thousands or millions of years to do.

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