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Boyne City, Michigan (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 30. November 2002
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Star-like | Duration: 00:01:10

I was at home.7;o5pm.outside on break from tile work.My tile partner was there also.I heard a jet high above in the clear night sky.I said to dave to try and locate the jet and watch it.I explained to him that I was looking at a jet last feb and saw a star like object descend and track the jet for a few seconds then it returned back to deep sky. So we looked up but could not see the jet before it had moved to far off to see.Suddenly I heard another jet way up there we spotted that one moving from east to west over Charlevoix county Mi.I told dave to keep his eye on it and the surrounding air space until it flies out of view.AS we were watching daves mind started to wander and he started talking . I told him to get his eyes back on the jet until it flies away.I said we at least have to try.About 3-5 seconds after i said that is when I first noticed the starlike object descend from deep sky port side of jet.It covered a large distance quickly and soon was above the jet.It made movements unlike the straightline flight of the jet. Then it moved away from the jet towards starboard and came to a stop.Now it looked like a star still no blinking lights.Then it moved more towards the north and was lost behind treetops. When it was over I asked dave what had he seen. davesaid something but he made no sense.He was visibly shaken. I took him inside and asked him again what had he seen. this time he told me what it was and I told him that that was the same thing I saw.He did not want to go back to the tile work and went home. I came in the house and called Stanton Friedman and he guide me to your web site.I also left a messsage with MUFON colorado. The object had no sound. When I first noticed the object I thought it was alien craft because of its movement and speed variations and lack of noise.Its movements were precise in control and curving direction easily and with inteligent purpose speed was easily achieved which easily overtake the jet that it intercepted and looked at. It was incredable that finally I had a witness to one of my sightings. I have seen these craft up close stationary sun shining off their shapes.

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Gaylord, Michigan (United States) 2014-11-14 Disc Undisclosed
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Onaway, MI 2014-10-23 Light 3-4 minutes
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Kewadin, Michigan (United States) 2014-08-31 Circle Undisclosed
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Eastport, MI 2014-08-31 Unknown 2-3 minutes
Grand Traverse Bay, Elk Rapids, Michigan (United States) 2014-08-22 Round 10 minutes
Traverse City, MI 2014-08-20 Fireball 1 minute then came back a
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Traverse City, MI 2014-08-09 Other 1 minute
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Roscommon, MI 2014-07-11 Fireball 10 minutes
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Traverse City, Michigan (United States) 2014-06-04 Fireball Undisclosed
Traverse City, MI 2014-05-31 Sphere 2 minutes
Traverse City, MI 2014-05-31 Sphere 2 minutes
Bellaire, MI 2014-05-24 Light 3 minutes
Bellaire, MI 2014-05-24 Light 3 minutes
Petoskey, MI 2014-03-31 Formation 30 seconds
Alanson, MI 2014-01-30 Disk 20 minutes
Leland, MI 2013-10-14 Disk 2 minutes
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