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Eagle Point, Oregon (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 30. April 2002
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

me and my brother were heading home from ruch oregon to prospect oregon. we were taking a backway around the rim of the northern part of the rogue valley when i notcied a light in the sky heading in our direction. it was a typical flight path for approaching planes heading into medford international airport. so i noticed it, but payed no more attention to it as we passed into a hilly treed section of highway.about 5 minutes later we came into another open section of rad and i noticed the light was closer but still in the sky. in that time a typical passenger airplane would have been to the airport already within 5 minutes. i mentioned it to my brother who acknowledged also seeing it 5 mintues before. first, i thought it was abeacon strung by a large cable in the sky as a warning to low flying planes...then i noticed the mountains were to far about to run cables like that. se we thought it must be a helicopter.it had red and blue lights on the left and right side that blinked and also a steady white light that stayed lit. looked like a maned aircraft!! and then we again disappeared around a corner and into another covered and treed section of road.(we turned off the highway right before that and was on a backway into shady cove oregon. we drove 5 more minutes and rounded a corner and as we went aroung and up the hill, we drove into another open section of road and encountered that blinking object hovering above a powerline next a transistor(i think). as we went aroung the corner we went onto a straight stretch of road very quickly and passed under the object. my brother slammed on his breaks to the jeep(convertible) and we slowed to a halt and barely crossed under the object before we stopped maybe a cars length past the objext as it continued to hover. at first i thought it was a helicopter, then i realised it was dead silent outside other than our vehicle. so i laughed and exclaimed out loua what the hell is it?".....my brother quickly exclaimed, " it's a herrier!"...( a british hovering jet ).....the i responded , "where is the wind?!!"...weboth began top laugh out loud...the craft was only 5-10 feet off the road and 20 feet in the air.....the encounter lasted about 20-30 seconds(just long enough to speak those few sentences to each other) before the object began to rise into the air.it still had the white light with the red and blue blinking...but i couldnt see the actual craft! it was a starlit night and they were out in force! as we passed underneath the object blotted out the star light in the shape of what looked to be a small triangle no larger than our jeep. it was the size of a automobile. it didnt go striaght up..it beghan to slowly rise but mainly wemt away from us to the west north west. as it picked up speed all i could hear was the sound of the object pushing thru the air. like a swoosh against the wind.it started away slowly but within seconds it was traveling at speeds much greater than any aircraft ive seen. and ive seen fighter jets fly!! it was seconds before it hugged the northern rim of the valley and then turned north at incredible speeds and then picked up even more sppen and shot out of sight.it only took abot 5-10 seconds for the object to be totally gone from sight. frpm the slow retreat to the all out radical sppeds,it was less then 10 seconds total time from first retreat until it was totally gone.....now,ive taken some science courses and i could be convinced of a silent running military craft. klamth air base is close to their for any aircraft. but there is no way to not disturb the air around a hovering object. without newtons 2nd law of equal and opposite actions, we couldnt fly on earth! you have to move mass! wether thats exploding jet fiel or propeller pushing air or whatever other method one might employee, to float you must cause mass x speed of the propellent to exactly equal the mass x speed of the object....any inequality will result in going up or down in the air. but there are no methods known to man that can cause a craft to hover without disturbing the air around the craft. and as we were almost directly underneath the wind should have been considerable. so they must have employed a method of flight that is as of yet, based on principles that are not commonly (or uncommonly) known...and when it left it evenmtually deperted with great speed that the craft accessed very rapidly. a very fast acceleration! evenm though at first it left us very slowly. i looked at the object with a eye that wasn not completely ignorant. i know it did not fly based on traditional systems we know of. and in hindsight, i realised that i could not see the object very well, nor could i see the field or anything else. i think it shined a light on us! it blocked most of my vision of anyhting else but the immediate area underneath the object. everything was dark! but i should have been able to see it! the white light kept us from seeing very well,and since the rest of the area was still dark i think the light shined directly on us and did not emminate into other immediate areas. i couldnt see 10 feet past the object! everything was dark still and my vision decreased from the light...yet everything remained dark. im posotive it shined a light, but i didnt pay attention as i was focused on the craft and the situation at hand. we told our parents as soon as wee got home, and that night it was reported by others along with video to the local news!! people up and down interstate 5(north of medford to portland) reported seeing a ufo that night according to local news. we never repoerted seeing it, but we were ;ess than 20 feet from the object everyone seen that night! further, i found it very odd it was so close to the powerline and that transisitor. it was 5 feet from it! right by the transistor!! im not sure, and i doubt it...but maybe the electric company has infirmation abouit unexplained power losses that day. it must have been powering up. there cant be any other reason for it. though it was super odd it chose a location so close to a road were people frequently drive!! always wondered why it didnt find a more remote location. so we seen it 3 times total!! the last time being about 20 feet underneath it and five feet off the road. whats strange too, is i also seen something like this as a young kid. in the woods. except it was different. it was a slow moving fireball! looked like a small red sun!! it even had a tail whipping around like a comet. it was right over the trees and made the trees sway violently! the toips of the trees started shaking like here was a strong wind blowing thru,i seen the bats fly from the tree tops.....then i seen the red glowing fireball slowly pass overhead. that incident was not very far from where me and my brother seen that floating craft. i never tell people about this stuff, but i guess maybe i shouldnt care...anyway, thats what i seen.

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