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Little Falls, Minnesota (United States)

Sighted on Friday 10. April 2009
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

I was speaking with one of my LTs at night after being on a range all day preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan. We both had something catch our eyes which I thought was a tracer round from some type of weapon system since it moved about that fast. The night had very low clouds completely covering the sky. The object went directly over both of our heads and was way too large to be any type of tracer round I have ever seen. As I looked up at it the clouds were illuminated by the light but I could clearly see through the clouds (as they were the foggy type) and saw a brilliant circular white light with a small green light bordering the entire perimeter of the white light. It was so bright that the clouds around it were illuminated like the moon does to clouds. It moved very fast and kept going until it either went out of site or disappeared. My LT and I both looked at it other in disbelief and I asked him what did he think it was. He said he had no idea and I jokingly said something about UFOs. We continued our conversation and about ten minutes later made way to the rest of my company to bed down for the night on the range. We started talking again about the light we had saw and another Soldier said him and another had witnessed it too. I asked him what did he think it was and they said they had no idea. A total of four Soldier witnessed the light. Myself the commander (CPT), a 2LT, a SFC, and a SSG. I had a picture of the range it was on and don't remember direction the light went, but the picture is still at the company I commanded. I lost the original due to a hard drive failure. I did not report the event and have kept quite until now and based on the recent event decided to report both of them. The exact date I would know if I saw the picture again as I imprinted the date and the event had happened the night before.

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