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Foxpark, Wyoming (United States)

Sighted on Friday 30. June 1967
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: Undisclosed

My father worked as a lumber jack. We lived in the timber camp Fox Park, Wyoming. I was awakened in the night by an astronaut (without the air pack) walking through a solid door into my room to stand at the foot of my bed. He never spoke to me but I was unafraid. I wanted him to lift his visor to see his face but was afraid if I spoke he would go away. He watched me for a few minutes/moments. I was too fascinated to look at my clock to break the connection with him. He stood watching me until he heard my mother begin to scream out with her frequent nightmares she had been plagued with all summer. He turned to walk back through the same unopened solid door. I laid back down in my bed to return to my sleep thinking I had just had the most unusual dream. My sister and I shared a room but I didn't ever look at her thinking she was asleep and she wouldn't be interested in my dream. Yet, in 2009 our father was seriously ill and we were travelling back to Missouri where he lived and had been hospitalized we were talking about the story I had been writing. I confessed that the idea of the story had come from this same incident. My sister nearly ran off the road from surprise. She stopped on the side of the road to confess she had seen my astronaut in our room that night. She had watched him stand at the foot of my bed, too. I have no explanation for how, why or who.

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