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Saint Johnsbury, Vermont (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 16. February 2016
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

The event took place around 5/5:15 am, I recall it being at least a half hour before our alarm would ring at 5:45am. I went to use the restroom, washed my hands, and as usual, because it's my tendency, looked up through my clear window at the dark sky. It was a thoroughly clear, starry night, on the early morning of 2/16/16 from my location.What we saw in short: 3 star-like objects moving in the sky, at a very far off distance, who seemingly met, then parted ways. Please refer to my pdf attachment with my detailed drawings of our sighting.I would like to first say my restroom window looks almost directly North with where my house is located. As the 1st object is headed down in my view, I am inclined to say it was heading SW, however, I do believe that looking up at the sky from my window that views North, indicates I must actually say it was headed NW, (ie, the 3rd object was first headed up while looking out my window, so I should say it was moving SE). Please correct me if I'm wrong!Page 1. I drew my view from my bathroom window, on the second floor, and the clear night view I had. Nothing looked out of the order, several stars were in view at this time. If you refer to all my pages as a collective, I did not redraw the tree and roof lines, however, if you were to line each page under each other you'll see I traced each one from the original page to indicate where the stars positions were in reference/approximate distance from each other and that of the moving objects.Page 2. Shows the 1st star-like object moving downward from the right side of my window. I steadied my gaze, and started looking at the other stars and the rooves of my neighbor's houses. Within seconds I can tell this one object is heading NW, approximately within 5-7 seconds I can see it slowly moving, as I calmly called in my partner (he too awoke before the alarm like myself).Page 3. Shows my having noticed the 2nd object, slightly lower and to the left of the 1st in my view, heading NE. It wasn't hard to notice the 3rd object after, lower than the other two, heading SE. It seemed they were all heading towards each other. We both noted how the other stars remained in their position. Approximately 10-12 seconds elapse while we watch. Page 4. Shows specifically how close they got to each other, before the 2nd and 3rd object changed their flight direction (S/slightly SE and NW respectively). Approximately 3-5 seconds elapse.[Please note: In pages 3 and 4 I accidentally drew the flight paths with a "beginning" dot, I do not mean to indicate they we're leaving any type of trail nor a trailing same sized orb of any kind - just my mistake.]Page 5. I should have indicated the 1st object never seemed to slow its speed while they headed towards each other. When the other two objects did change their direction, the 1st object continued its direction NW following along with the 3rd object. We watched the 2nd object continue S, very slightly SE, while approximately 7-9 seconds elapsed.Page 6. Eventually we lost sight of the 1st and 3rd objects beyond the tree lines, so approximately 3-5 seconds elapse while in view. We continued to look on the 2nd object heading S until it past up out of our view at the top of the window; I mean to say in my drawing on this page that an additional 4-6 seconds elapsed while watching the 2nd object after losing visual on the 1st and 3rd.Page 7. We continue to watch the 2nd object for almost 20 seconds more.We were calm during this event, if anything a bit happy having been witnesses to vessels flying in our night sky (obviously very far away). We took it as a cool event, and got on with the rest of our day as normal. This was by far from my first witness event, and at least my partner's second.

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