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Between Morrisville & Dan, Vermont (United States)

Sighted on Friday 04. March 2016
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Shape: Cigar | Duration: Undisclosed

My boyfriend and I were heading south from Morrisville, Vt., approximately 7:30-8:30 pm on Friday, March 4th, 2016. I would say that this occurence happened about 15-20 minutes south, possibly near Wolcott, Vt., in a heavily forrested area. (I'm pretty sure this was on Route 15.) The sky was very dark and clear, a picture perfect evening to see the stars in great detail. I felt compelled to look up to the sky, because of its immense clarity, knowing that Vermont has probably, one of the cleanest skylines in the world, something that I don't particularly have, living 2 1/2 to 3 hrs east of this particular location. I,coincidentally,happened to be thinking in my mind at that moment, "Wouldn't it be cool to see a UFO out here!" And then, low & behold, something occured...I was in the passenger seat, and out to my right window, in the west, a slight degree above the faint outline of the tall mountains, I happened to observe approximately 5-10 white, orb-lights, flashing & "dancing" chaotically, in a pattern-less manner. Even though they produced these motions, the lights mainly stayed in the west for the 15-20 minutes that I observed them. They would descend & ascend a slight bit, with some variation of movement, but mainly stayed centralized, in that location. After a few minutes, possibly 5 minutes or so, I would place my attention to something else & then look back & the lights would disappear, the pop back up again.I instinctively & intuitively knew that what I was witnessing, surely was no human-made satelites, as even those, as far as I've observed, don't travel in more than 1-2 at a time & usually have some type of recognizable pattern in their flashing and movement. Also, they don't "dance", and usually stay on course in their path. After these few minutes, I brought the lights to the attention of my boyfriend, but he could not witness them right away because he was driving. At the beginning stages, I was pretty amazed by what I saw, but at the same time, I wasn't overly shocked,either. Sometimes, I felt, "matter of fact" and "non-challant" about all of it. I didn't feel threatened by this experience. At times, I was thinking scientifically, becoming skeptical & trying to conjure up possible practical explanations in my mind. However, as I did so, those thoughts dissipated, because there was no logical explanation for what I saw! Approximately 20 minutes from the first occurence, around the Hardwick area, my boyfriend pulled off the side of the road, in an even more densely forrested area & finally saw, in the west, the "dancing" white orb-lights in the sky & was totally in agreeance with me, that these were no satellites, that this was something unexplainable occuring. About another 5 minutes up the road, this time, ahead of us,I could see in the southwest direction, slightly above the horizon, but very low in the sky & it appeared to be close, three consecutive, ember like flashes-.....one.....two.....three....They each glowed intensely with reddish-orange, ember like flames for a second or so, one right after the other & then would fade, just as fast as they came. I would best describe what I saw, in comparison to the ends of a cigarette, when the smoker inhales, the ends flame up & glow, and when they stop inhaling, the ends of the cigarrette fade. At first, I thought that these glowing ember lights could possibly have been meteors fading out when hitting the atmosphere, but remembering the strange white lights in the sky earlier, just confirmed my UFO theory all the more! I pointed out these ember lights to my boyfriend, and he had seen the same occurance. At that point, my attention was taken to something else. My boyfriend kept on watching ahead, observing what was going on. He noticed, that the ember glowing lights were at each end of, what he described as a very large, long, cigar shaped object, that was dark, but he could make out some of its outline. This observation happened shortly before we approached the end of Route 15, near Route 2 in Danville, Vt. area. This location was still heavily forrested. At that point, we were getting a little spooked out.What I also observed, was my psychological reaction. In addition to what I had previously explained, I also felt that I was "meant" to see these crafts. That, even though I have never seen a UFO, I was ready & receptive to experiencing a one-in-a-kind event. I felt, that whoever & wherever these visitors were from, they came here on peaceful terms, to observe human life, but not to forthright interfere with us & that they meant no harm or threat in any manner. I also sensed that humans are going to be sighting more spectacular sights like this in the near future-those who are receptive to these events, but also those who are not receptive at all-that their thoughts would be challenged, as well! No matter what these strange lights were, I will always be proud to have seen such phenomena that millions of people may never get to experience!

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