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North Vernon, Indiana (United States)

Sighted on Friday 06. October 2017
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Shape: Square, Rectangular | Duration: 00:06:00

at 8:44 on 10/6/17 i went outside to smoke a cigarette. i know the exact time because i looked at the cable box clock right before going out the door. by this time of day and year the sun has gone down. it was even darker tonight because of 100% cloud cover. the moon and stars were not visible. looking due west off of my front porch i scanned the sky and saw nothing. just black and grey sky.Then as i was looking nw a white light suddenly appeared. i must state here that this is the third time something similar has happened in the last ten days. so when i saw this light appear my immediate thought was "it's back". i stood on a chair and then on my deck railing to get as good as look as possible. i watched for a good 90 seconds when i called my wife out to see it. i was very exited for her to see what i have been witnessing over the past few days(though she knew nothing about my other sightings). my kids were drawn outside as well because they heard my excited yell to "come see." we watched the lights (it looked to be two lights on one object, rectangular in shape) for another minute or so when they suddenly went out and a red and green light appeared. it then ascended a bit and changed shape. this was especially strange. almost surreal the way it subtly changed from a rectangle shape to another rectangle shape. it then started moving se. it moved slowly, eventually going directly overhead. as it was flying over us the red and green lights changed back to two white lights and again strangely changed shape. as it flew directly over my head i saw two evenly spaced white lights. i could not see the shape of the craft as it flew over me, just black between the lights. then as it was passing over i could hear the hum of what sounded like a small plane engine. this is possibly the most perplexing thing because that was no small plane (or helicopter) that we watched. my reasoning is this: it hovered in one spot for at least 2 minutes. the lights turned from white to red and green. it ascended before moving straight ahead. it inexplicably changed shape. i continued to watch it fly se for another 4-5 minutes before it faded from my vision. after it flew past i realized i was tearing up and had a feeling of joy. that is the best way to describe it, a joyful feeling weirdly mixed with being seriously freaked out. and then a bit of an adrenaline rush and excitement. also complete bewilderment.I can't logically explain what i saw. add the other sightings i had and i am left wondering what is going on either with me or where i live or both. i did not get any video or pictures as i have nothing that would adequately capture what we witnessed. i must also say that my children (ages 7 & 9) saw it too and vividly described what they saw as well. i feel compelled to document this and possibly talk to someone. it is the third sighting i have had and this was the strangest one yet. please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information. thank you. larry joslin 812-292-0882 [email protected]

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