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Tipp City, Ohio (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 07. December 2017
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Shape: N, A | Duration: 00:25:00

It was dec. 7 2017 when this event took place. i was drinking a few beers and decided i wanted to take a walk from tipp city ohio to troy ohio. i took off walking on the train tracks with a couple of beers. i waited till i got far enough on the train tracks before i would open a beer as i was listening to music with my bluetooth head phones. this was appx. around late 7 early 8pm so it was cold dark and quiet night. as i walked about 15 to 20 min my cell died that i was listening to music off youtube bluetoothed to my headset. so at this time i was a little mad, had a long walk to troy with no music but i said oh well its okay i will just listen to the world which it was very quiet and cold. so i kept on walking occasionally looking behind me to make sure no trains was heading my way as i did while wearing my headset. so about 10 min after my cell died i see a bright white light just turn on in the sky to my upper left of me and then a seconed and a third bright white light appeared. the 3 lights all became one as they bonded together for about 5 seconds and went back out to how they first was. it stuck out to me cause it was dark and whatever it was was very close. i stopped walking and lit up a cigarette just looking up and observing these lights when all of a sudden i feel like im being almost stretched towards these lights in kinda like pictures being takin of me like flashes of bright white lights hitting me in face about every 3 seconds id say, and soon as that happened i was back on the train tracks. im still in same position looking at these lights then about 10 seconds they disappeared and next comes the very weird part i look back ahead to train tracks and started walking when all of a sudden im getting swooped from train tracks to my real body in a ditch. i wake up numb no feelings no pain just my face in gravel blood dripping from my face i look over to my right and i see my hand and im thinking whats going on. so i pass out and wake back up to people yelling and i say as loud as i can im over here with all my strength which was not loud at all, then i hear someone say i found him hes over here then a bunch of people pick me up and put me on a stretcher and wheeled me away to a very loud helicopter, well i passed out again for short amount of time and i awake to a guy next to me in the care flight helicopter and i asked him what happened to me he said you was hit by a train and at the time i could not believe it and i still felt no pain but my arm felt weird. so i pass out again this time i am in the dayton hospital on critical injuries. the next day before i even had surgery i started to remember the lights and everything so i start telling the nurses and doctors what i remembered and they thought i tried to commit suicide. they must of been surprised to check my blood and had no drugs in my system or that much alcohol in me because i only had a slight buzz. i was in the hospital for 4 days ended up with broken arm in two or 3 places broken color bone punctured lung and fractures on c6 and c7 of my spine. i did not lose no limbs or anything crazy i was able to sign myself out and walk out by myself after 4 days but nonetheless i was feeling the pain everywhere but as of right now im basically back to normal. my last day in hospital bout the last hour or so im in the room by myself and the food tray card moves about 5 or 6 inches by its self and few seconds after that i heard an evil growl in the room with me. so this nurse guy comes in and im a lil scared at this point so i asked him if he could get me salt so he does and asks me what it was for and i asked him if he could sprinkle salt in each corner of my room and he did it without any questions and then i sprinkled some on my head and asked the lord to please protect me. its dec. 26 2017 now and im in better health and strength to write this crazy story that is 100 percent truth. i believe in the paranormal. iv seen 10 ufos in my life now but this story tops everything i have went through this is why i have to share it with everyone. i will no longer ever walk train tracks again or ever walk alone at night anymore. on a dark quiet train track away from anyone left myself vulnerable. they are watching and they are waiting. not sure what they did to me but i dont believe its my first abduction.

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