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Cle Elum, Washington (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 04. April 2018
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Shape: N, A | Duration: 00:00:04

I had gone to sleep shortly after 11 pm 4/3 on sofa in my living room, which had light from tv and some decorative small lights i keep on at nighttime. i was on my side and suddenly i awoke (not having to use restroom) and looked up. on my (10’ high) ceiling just about 2-3 feet from right above me was a strange about 10” with extremities “daddie long legs” but mechanical with 8 or more tenicles or fishing wire colored legs and black or dark round (1-2 cm diameter) “feet” attached to each leg. i couldn’t give the thickness of the “feet”. it seemed to be watching me or taking data(?) and perhaps when it saw me notice it, it scampered. (spider like) very quickly straight along the ceiling (about 15’) to the wall where it vanished. there was no center, or body to it. i’d say i got a 1-2 second glimpse of it while it was stationary almost above me, and then another 1-2 seconds till it reached the wall. as mentioned, i was fully awake, thinking perhaps this non organic (seeming) “visitor” had woken me, tho it emitted no light or sound. it was after it disappeared, that i noticed the time to be 1:15am. i was able lay down and to fall back asleep. i was not under any influence of drugs, medications, or alcohol, or any mind altering substances, and was fully awake when i noticed the object. my reaction wasn’t really fearful, perhaps because it had relayed a harmless message. i picked up that it was taking data (?) and when it saw me notice, it scampered across the ceiling never dropping lower. nothing like this has ever happened to me. i was alone in the house, other than my small dog who didn’t notice it at all. naturally, i’m extremely curious to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience with an object as described. last night, 4/4, i did email george noory regarding this unexpected encounter, which i’d assume is ufo related. also, i do think if i were to see this thing again, i would be frightened. hopefully it found me to be a waste of time for any future visits!

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