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Hwy 706, Ashford, WA, USA

Sighted on Sunday 16. August 2020
Reported on
Shape: round'ish with multi lights | Duration: 10'ish minutes

Just out for a summer night drive with no real direction, just to get out of the house after a hot day. We were heading towards Mt. Rainier along WA-S 7 Mountain Hwy. around 11:00 pm and my son noticed in the far away distance a brightly white flying round orb like shape, with unpredictable red, sometimes flashing and then solid lights that would change from white to red and no real pattern or reason. This was high in the sky..as high as a helicopter but maybe not as high as a plane.....hard to really say but, it was up there at great distance away...It was moving extremely faster then a helicopter or a plane, jet or small aircraft or drone could have could, especially at the height it was in the sky ...and no sound! Along that area of highway, there is no light or noise pollution and we could have heard a raccoon fart a mile away but it was silent...deafening silent with no one but just us around. As I was driving,my son was questioning this .."object" (?) in the sky so, I pulled off the road to have a look because, he was growing quickly afraid, concerned, well, freaked out! We watched this (fill in the blank) move up, down side to side almost as fast as our eyes could follow and then.... it would just stop...mid-air...no flight, just motionless in the sky for 30 seconds, jet to the right slightly, freeze, move up, freeze and then it would jet off one direction and then another ...Almost as if a laser point and a cat playing.....and then as we stood on the side of the road, we could tell, it was some far distance away ...almost in a far neighboring town away...and then it started to fly closer to where we were parked (darting about in odd directions, up and down then double back on itself, freeze...just a very odd/unexplained flight pattern)and then as I would guess to be about an half mile away in distance, it turn into a solid white bright light however, it did NOT give off a reflective light beam as a plane would do if flying in the night sky. It just glowed very white and bright. We watched this flight behavior for about 3 to 5 minutes ( can't give a true time line as I was in a bit of shock and disbelief of what I was looking at), all the while, my son (18 years old) was extremely panicked and growing more afraid...while keeping him calm, we watched this object fly from what would have been at first sighting about 5 miles away to over head and then passing us and flying away about 10 miles...all within less then 3 minutes. I lost sight of the object behind the tree line so we got back int he car, turned around and started to drive back north on Mountain Hwy, towards Tacoma. Within 30 seconds, we spotted the object again, beyond the trees and I stopped the car again along the highway. This time, it looked to be much further away...miles away and still, very high in the sky. It repeated the behavior again but after about 1 minute, it just disappeared...bright white light and then what I would call a shooting star but faintly lite... then it was gone in a instant.

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Longview, Washington (United States) 2020-04-25 Sphere 03:00:00
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Seattle, Washington (United States) 2020-04-19 Sphere 00:15:00
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Kent, Washington (United States) 2020-04-03 Unknown 00:10:00
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Seattle, Washington (United States) 2020-02-14 Oval 00:04:00
Bellevue, Washington (United States) 2020-02-11 Saturn-like 04:28:00
Tacoma, Washington (United States) 2020-01-29 Blimp 00:00:05
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Graham, Washington (United States) 2019-11-10 Cigar 00:00:30
Bonney Lake, wa 2019-11-07 Triangular 3 lights, two objects 13 seconds
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Renton, Washington (United States) 2019-10-13 Square, Rectangular 00:02:00
Cle Elum, Washington (United States) 2019-10-09 Triangle 00:03:00
166th Ave Ct E, Lake Tapps, WA 98391, EE. UU. 2019-10-06 Cylinder shaped 4 minutes
Longview, Washington (United States) 2019-09-30 Flash 02:00:00
Seattle, Washington, USA 2019-09-30 Half moon 5-8 seconds
Parkland washington 2019-09-15 Round 2mins tops
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Ariel, Washington (United States) 2019-09-01 Oval 00:01:00
Port Orchard, Washington (United States) 2019-08-31 Circle 00:00:25
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Trout Lake Washington 2019-05-18 ROUND 20 MINUTES
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Tacoma, Washington (United States) 2019-04-20 Flash 00:00:00
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Edgewood, Washington (United States) 2019-03-05 Circle 00:00:20
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Tacoma, Washington (United States) 2019-02-09 Circle 00:30:10
Olympia, Washington (United States) 2019-01-28 N, A 01:00:00
Bonney Lake, Washington (United States) 2019-01-01 Round, about a foot across Several minutes
Bonney Lake, Washington (United States) 2019-01-01 Circle 00:08:00
Lacey, Washington (United States) 2018-11-07 Cylinder 00:01:00
Burien, Washington (United States) 2018-11-01 Sphere 00:03:00
shelton washington 2018-10-23 box kite 3 minuts
Maple Valley, Washington (United States) 2018-10-12 Sphere 00:03:00
Silver Creek, Washington (United States) 2018-09-25 Egg 00:03:00
Olympia, Washington (United States) 2018-09-02 Bullet, Missile
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Seattle, Washington (United States) 2018-07-23 Circle 00:05:00
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Olympia, Washington (United States) 2018-07-14 Star-like 00:00:20
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Renton, Washington (United States) 2018-06-11 Other
Pacific, Washington (United States) 2018-04-09 Other 00:02:30
Cle Elum, Washington (United States) 2018-04-04 N, A 00:00:04
Seattle, Washington (United States) 2018-03-25 Disc 00:00:01
Issaquah, WA (United States) 2018-03-03 Sphere 60 seconds
Issaquah, Washington (United States) 2018-03-03 Sphere 00:01:00
Auburn, Washington (United States) 2018-02-24 Disc 00:05:00
Enumclaw, Washington (United States) 2018-02-19 Star-like 00:02:00
Enumclaw, Washington (United States) 2018-02-14 Sphere 02:00:00
Port Orchard, Washington (United States) 2018-02-11 Other 00:01:00
Olympia, Washington (United States) 2018-02-10 Triangle 00:00:10
Kent, Washington (United States) 2018-01-21 Saturn-like 00:01:00