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Trout Lake Washington

Sighted on Saturday 18. May 2019
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Shape: ROUND | Duration: 20 MINUTES

I live in Marcola Oregon, a little town outside of Eugene, I saw my first UFO there back in 2010. Just a light, that made no sound, flew over our rural home, and made odd maneuvers. I was then hooked at finding what it was. On the internet I happened to catch a show on A and E called paranormal state, and they were doing an episode at the ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake Washington. It was just like the lights we saw, and it was only 2 1/2 hours away, so needless to say, I was in trout lake at the ranch within the week. I became a volunteer, and fed the hundreds of people that came to experience the orbs and ships landing on Mt Adams over the next 3 years. I have filmed them with night vision cameras flying over our heads, then splitting into 3 lights, getting 4 times larger in a second, and landing 13 miles away on the Mt. I have pictures of crazy orbs, they appear in almost every picture you take there, I have pictures of wormholes, fairies, and other crazy stuff, like a triangle ship (3 points of light) changed into new shapes with 9 points of light, then 12, etc. The next day it dawned on me, it was probably making math shapes??? Now lets fast forward 6 years, I have a new boyfriend, who was pretty sheltered, (and religious) and I knew he thought my stories about this were a little crazy, so I brought him up to Trout Lake to camp one night. I didn't want to subject him to Eceti, because as beautiful as it is, its a little new age, with retreats and meditation and stuff, so we found this crazy little spot on top of an old logging landing, no one around for miles, and a great important view of Mt Adams, in case we got to see lights landing on the Mt. (around 15 miles away) We watched for hours, but nothing happened, it was getting pretty late, and no lights landing, and then I turned around. The first one flew across the butte of the hill across from us, just a ravine between us no more then 100 yards away. She was green, and happy to see us, and was bouncing up and down and side to side. Then the baby came, he was white, and even more exited to see us, just hovering on the side of this craggy volcanic sheer wall. He stayed close to his mom, and we just looked at each other. My boyfriend was flabbergasted, and then I said watch, they are intelligent, and I flashed my flashlight 3 times, and the mother flashed me back 3 times, then I did 2 times, and 2 times back. This went on for 15 or so minutes. My boyfriend was so scared he grabbed his gun, and I must admit, it is a little scary because its so unbelievable. So shocking we only got one picture, we didn't even hit the video button. haha I would include the picture but its just a green dot. Seeing these beings so close up, they do not have bodies, you can see through them, and they are not afraid of us, because I don't think we can touch them when they are just light. They are here for whatever is in the volcanic mountains. They need something in there, for food or what have you, but they communicate with emotions. I knew that was a mother and son, and we were so blessed to stand across from each other and watch. They could have easily flown over, but they gave us space (thank goodness) The crazy thing is when they were 100 yards away, they looked around 10 feet around, but when you watch them from Eceti on Mt Adams, its 13 miles away, they would have to be bigger then a jet engine. The owner of the ranch James Gilliland says he communicates with them and they are from the Paladins, I think he may be right, because here in Marcola, there is now a different presence, and its not feeling like the good kind of visitor. I was hoping the 20 or so lights a night I've been seeing were drones for firewatch, but my gut is telling me something else. Anyone else having similar feelings? Anyone, the government finally acknowledged Trout Lake as a ledgit spot for lights they can't explain. They are there almost every night, and the native Americans that live there have stories going back over a hundred years about these beings. You can go see for yourself, One of the most beautiful places on the planet, with free camping, lakes, hikes, motorcycle trails, and my friends, the lights. Thanks for reading if you made it this far, and if you want to drink the coolaide, the ranch is awesome too, and for a donation, he allows camping or has yurts and cabins and such. We are definitely not alone, just hoping they are all friendly. Christina Palmer

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