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East Devonport, Tasmania (Australia)

Sighted on Monday 27. August 2018
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:00:05

I stopped on a roadside this morning to take some quick photos of a mountain with snow falling on it, after i dropped my child off at school. the photos were a short burst of clicking on my phone & would have been taken in under 5 seconds all up. i didn’t notice the lights in the photos until i got home & took a look at them. the lights are unmistakable & are visible in only the first 2 photos, effectively the white objects (i’ve referred to as lights) simply vanished, as any movement in the sky would have caught my attention. there were no visible planes, helicopters or any other flying vehicles in the sky prior to nor after i took these photos & planes don’t travel in that direction to land at the local airport anyway. i thought the objects were ufo’s once i noticed them in the photos. i felt very ‘foggy’ upon waking this morning & still feel so now, almost like being in a dream.

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