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Ulverstone Tasmania

Sighted on Thursday 08. September 2022
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Shape: Round | Duration: 5 seconds

At about 9pm, 1 hour after sunset, viewed what I thought was a meteor entering the atmosphere. It's position was about the 11 o'clock position in the eastern sky and moving due west moving very rapidly . It disappeared over our home without changing in appearance or speed..No flaring or sound was witnessed. I thought that I had missed a meteor or space junk entrance to atmosphere. Within a few seconds it reappeared going in the opposite direction due east going just as fast then disappearing I would say in the same spot as to when I was first observed it. This all happened say within about 5 seconds. I don't believe it had any lights but what I think it was the sun reflecting light on off the object. Tried to discount all possibilities to what its not. It wasn't a meteorite. It wasn't a satellite or re-entering space junk. It's not a commercial flight path and it being above the atmoshere a military drone also being dismissed. My preference is to call this one a UAP. Has me totally baffled as to what this was. Would appreciate any thoughts. Cheers. .

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