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Launceston (Australia)

Sighted on Friday 07. December 2007
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Shape: | Duration: 60 minutes

Ufos seen from Australian suburb, two days runningDay time view from the eastern window showing the area of the sighting. Friday the 7th/December/2007, 20.55hrs. A Woman,58 yrs old, in Launceston, Tasmania, sitting in her lounge room at 20.55hrs noticed two lighted objects, moving from the east toward her house. These objects, only seconds apart, lost altitude and elevation from 30degrees elevation, to 20degrees elevation, before rising again to about 30degrees and made for a steady course and altitude in a southern direction, and accelerated away. NOTE.....Two other witnesses were present, and both describe the same event (report forms are being expedited, and information to be added here) The woman then picked up a cheap pair of binoculars from no more than 1.5 mtrs from here window and focused on the objects, for a better view...... As the two objects moved south, it was noticed that two stationary objects were hovering, one above the other, at a reasonable altitude towards the southern end of the first 2 objects trajectory Approximately 30 minutes later, two objects moving north were seen on the same flight path as earlier, but reversed. When the objects returned to their point of origin in the sky, it is said they accelerated and gained altitude until they disappeared from view. These objects are described as being of a triangular configuration, with a white/blue - green prism type colour effect, at each point, and a thin white line of light between each point. The sky was clear of clouds, apart from some weather moving in from the horizons to the east and north, and the moon was not visible. The sighting occurred in an area of sky not usually known for air traffic, by the witness, her family and some of the local residents, 2 of which have lived in the area for over 20 yrs. The witness describes her state of mind as frightened, and then curious and moving more to a state of acceptance. She has always been a believer that we are not alone in the universe, but has never before had a sighting of her own. The witness is a full time carer, of her elderly mother, and a professional therapist. As an avid artist she also has a good eye for detail, and her memory seems not to fail her in conversation. The Witness also has a good knowledge and deep interest in the area of astronomy.. Saturday the 8th/December2007, approx - 20.55hrs In approximately the same position as the previous nights sighting started, a stationary object became visible, described as being three straight lines of light, hovering in a partly cloudy sky. It is said that the lights seemed to give the impression that they were only part of a lager object, of an ovoid nature. The same three witnesses then moved to the outside of the house, on the eastern side, for a better view This object was visible for ten minutes, until clouds moved in and obstructed vision. At this time it was noticed that there were approximately 12 other objects, slightly bigger than stars and bearing the same colours of the previous nights objects, peppered across the sky. The colour of these objects was noted as not being normal for stars, even with the light pollution from the city. There were some small fires burning around the state, high altitude smoke haze could have caused some alteration in the appearance (colour / aura etc.) of some brighter stars. All the usual contacts (air traffic control, police, councils etc) drew blank on alternate explanations.

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