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Ross (Tasmania) (Australia)

Sighted on Sunday 05. August 2001
Reported on
Shape: Cylinder | Duration:

Sighting In Tasmania AustraliaDear sirs, Today is the 7th of August 2001 and my partner and i have returned from a 6 day holiday to Tasmania. Prior to leaving Tasmania, we had 3 rolls of film processed with the idea we would put them into a photo album during our flight home (approx 2hrs ago). Whilst previewing these photos we have come across a photo that simply cannot be explained in any other way but to be an unknown object rather close to an historic church we were photographing. I have not had time to scan a copy as yet to send to you although i will asap and would like your opinion on the object. I am still in posession of the negatives and have full intentions of having a re-print done on this particular shot to see if it can be explained any other way.((NUFORC Note: Seagull. PD))

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