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567 Back River rd Magra

Sighted on Monday 13. February 2023
Reported on
Shape: Lights | Duration: Fifteen minutes

My daughter (24) took the dogs and my other younger sons (12 and 9), and grand daughter (4) to the park last night. They witnessed something which scared them a lot. I am passing this link on to my daughter to report that incident. After they came home we went outside to see if we could see anything else. We saw multiple lights appearing to be quite a distance away. They travelled very fast, changed directions rapidly, and then faded away. I have seen something like this before, but it was just one light whereas last night we saw at least ten. I do not believe, after googling, that it was the ISS, or that it was satellites, because having watched videos of these online, what we saw was different. Unfortunately it was very difficult to capture on video against the night sky, but my son did capture some video. I'm hoping he will also report his sighting and include his video with it.

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