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Moonah, Tasmania (Australia)

Sighted on Tuesday 21. March 2017
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:09:00

Earlier this day i had photographed the sky in hobart and also back in moonah, it was an interesting sky, cloud formations. i had been drinking beer and am an insomniac, i went out front of my unit for a smoke and saw these lights, the sky was overcast with no stars visible, i observed for a minute the went and got my samsung s6 phone and made a recording, the lights moves like they were at each end of a stick. i joked and said ok, now merge together, at which point, as seen in the video, the lights moved much closer together and turned on a sharp angle in the sky and proceeded towards the airspace above me. as they got above me the lights went out but i was able to observe two teardrop shapes, pointy end forward against the slightly light polluted sky, one hovered above me while the other continue north over my roof and over the treeline behind me. the second one shortly followed course. out of view. i was arrested the next morning for abusing the traffic out front going to work from the same position i was in. i was furious that my fellow humans were so ignorant of a greater existence than what they occupy their lives with. since sleeping, still insomniac i have awesome dreams whist being persecuted, i have ability to expose, 'lift the viel' and reveal a multitude of huge and various craft in the sky above us, even a giant city floating in the clouds on a rocky base. this video is part one of two, i have crunched up the exposure in an attempt to see if the lights were joined to a solid object, i have also sped it up about 4 or 5 times real speed and compressed the sit out of it to make it less than the 600 or 700 meg it was.... love to know what you think.

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