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Bellerive Hobart Tasmania Australia

Sighted on Thursday 20. May 2021
Reported on
Shape: Disc | Duration: 5 minutes

As I was driving to work at 3.15am, driving towards the Tasman Bridge towards the Airport, I noticed a bright white light, very large, too high to be flood light, too large for Hellicopter spot light as I see them all the time, I work at Hobart Airport, I thought was is that, I continued to look at the light as I drove up the Tasman bridge, very slowly so I can try and see what the light was, I drive this rout every day, as I approached the top of the bridge I could see the light quite clearly, then beneath the white light appeared coloured flashing lights, they started from left going to right, then I cook see that it was a very large disc, within 3 seconds of the flashing lights appearing all the lights went black, there was no light, dust darkness, I thought what did I just see, there were taxi drivers passing me on the bridge going in the opposite direction, that time of morning, only taxi drivers I see, sure someone else had seen this event.

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