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Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Sighted on Friday 31. December 2021
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Shape: Point of light/planet-like | Duration: 1 minute

New Year's Eve, 2021. We were sitting by the shore in Bellerive, facing the city of Hobart across the Derwent River, waiting for the kids' fireworks. The sun had set at about 8:52pm. On our left, a drone zoomed out over the water towards where the fireworks would be. Venus was the first light in the sky, and she was nearing the horizon. The kids' fireworks started at 9:30pm and - how long do such things go for? - finished at about 9:40. Everyone was packing up to leave when I pointed out a different light in the sky. "And that must be Jupit.... uhh, wait, what IS that?". It was a large, bright point of yellowish/star-coloured light in the north. It was a solid light, no twinkling, and although it seemed to be some huge Jupiter coming awfully close, it was steadily moving east! Now, this could have been another massive drone I thought, but I made sure to follow it and I saw that its light faded to reddish/brownish and then quickly fizzled out/disappeared BEFORE it reached the horizon of buildings in the north-east and I lost sight of it! I reckon, if this thing faded the way it did, maybe it was still being hit by the sunlight. I mean, it was still only less than an hour after sunset. But if that's possible, it must have had a lot of altitude, in which case it was moving really quickly! I freaked out one of the kids, I tell ya.

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