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Black Hills, Tasmania (Australia)

Sighted on Thursday 10. September 2015
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Shape: Circle | Duration: Undisclosed

Was out on the farm and was scanning the horizon for the weather change approaching. Large dark clouds with equally large clear patches passing through the valley. Low sun back lighting a lot of the smaller clouds. A small round object moves out from behind one of the closer dark clouds to the South-west, passing over a light colored cloud area. Suspected at first that, considering the distance of the cloud, that the small spot was one of the large black eagles which inhabit the area. It was moving slowly as one would expect of an eagle at that distance, and from my perspective directly left to right in a straight line. After roughly ten seconds the speck then curved upward to a vertical trajectory then after a few seconds travel stopped. It hovered for only a second then accelerated to at least triple it's previous speed in a Westerly direction, which from my perspective was left to right and heading in a downward direction. I lost sight of it in the glare of the westerly clouds.

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