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Hobart, Tasmania (Australia)

Sighted on Monday 24. December 2018
Reported on
Shape: Disc | Duration: 00:30:00

11.05-ishpm tonight disc of light seen above mountain range hovering, moved slightly left at one point very slowly observed for 30mins or so along with orbs on the ground near me 3..Then 2 then none called mum haha described the changes in lights and it's behaviour dropped behind mountain after 30mins or so could still be around for all i know clean, sober, went through mental checklist of known causes of lights at night i did not feel the object posed a threat but the orbs closer (less than 500m away) concerned me. sleeping with metal pole cat keeps looking up and out the windows,behaving very defensively no lost time stationary with rotating and random lights, sideways beams of white about 6 times viewed from lauderdale side of mountain range between it and oakdale i fear abduction as this is the 7th i have seen in my life and a nordic visited my sister and i as children if you are reading this after seeing something you're not alone by far. you are not crazy, if you had a positive or neutral event then be glad you had the chance to see something many won't ever

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