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Chilliwack, British Columbia (Canada)

Sighted on Tuesday 28. August 2018
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Shape: Other | Duration: 03:00:00

I was sitting on my deck at my new condo and noticed at approximately 9 pm a large bright light coming threw a pass in the mountains it was a yellowish light and quite large this is what made me pay attention to it. i thought it was strange and i heard a distinctive type noise like the engine of a plane starting up on the runway, but it was that sound but very low. so i walked out to the edge of my deck i have a very large deck. i looked up and saw 3 to 4 similar i have objects coming from different directions, but they were much further in the distance. so i ran inside and grab my camera and tablet and decided i would take pictures just in case it was in uniform not taking it serious. but tell me up checks were there again the next night and the next night but always coming at different times. the large one that came in straight ahead with sometimes coming very fast, or what was fast compared to the first night and at around the same time but sometimes an hour later or sometimes in our earlier. it comes to the path between the mountains and then it starts to head west it has a glowing red what i would call like a rocket flame sometimes coming from it.Or something similar it sometimes goes quiet and when i said that chat flame, is when i can hear it most times. it moves slowly across the front of the mountains and seems to stop almost to so it’s sitting on the mat and have us all for it. it looks as though it changes and turns straight up and down and sometimes sideways. when i tapped into my phone as it almost looks like a chromosome. and sometimes like an orange boomerang or a sphere it is always changing shape it seems. in one of the pictures i zoom in to the light and it looks like a large mass with a slit in it and this weird glowing mass of orangey red light is coming through the tear. or other pictures where i zoomed into the light i can almost see in human face what seems like a human face. or it looks like a fried egg embryo. the other ships look like they were leading or dropping out little blue lights out the bottom and one of the blue lights i know this kind of turned into a great sphere and then shot in a blink of an eye across the sky. it’s definitely not a drunk or a helicopter or plane. it ends up over that mountain and it looks like it’s shooting something at the bottom and he held it’s definitely not a drone or a helicopter or plane. it ends up over that mountain and it looks like it’s shooting something off the bottom. i started to observe the mountain that it hovers over every night and noticed all kinds of numbers and multiplication and letters and arrows and three or four different heads of what the human and different shapes and designs on this mountain more and more is added every night. unless you’re trying to look for it you may not see it but once i pointed it out to others they could definitely see what i was talking about. vedder mountain it’s only a few miles high. my girlfriends said her friend can definitely see what’s on the mountain through a telescope, and she relayed the message to me that i was not crazyand that i’m not crazy. it was also what i would describe as lasered into the lawn in front of our building all over the place. mainly numbers. i have pictures of that as well but i can’t send you everything about it but added what i could the lawn out front of my condo it’s too hard to explain any of it and why bother because no one will believe in any help. i have had the strangest things happen like i will send you i know it sounds crazy i don’t know how to explain it but my paintings and things one of them said,” i own man” and i am coming. i have seen so many evil entities it’s unbelievable this is where you’ll start to think i’m crazy. i have received messages and have no idea why me. i’ve seen evil entities. i won’t go into detail on here. but it is detailed and clear. i have numerous videos and pictures. and proof . from what i understand i won’t be around for long and i’m scared i am saying in every aspect of my life. except for this stuff that i never believed until this happened. i have added video that shows i think what it looks like our entities at the bottom of the videos. i don’t know if it’s someone dressed up and trying to scare me or what? that i literally had people drive-by in a large black order escapade or something large with a guy in the backseat , he had his head he pulled up and he had a gun pointed out the window at me. and last week again this happened in a gray escape type vehicle i have people watching my place they all are older vehicles. i’m scared to death i’m a mental health support worker halfway through my addictions diploma and have my diploma as health care aid as well. and just wrote and passed with excellent marks my physcho social modules. this is completely cost me a nervous break down i had to get my letter of resignation at work until i have these visions, and sightings stop no one believes me and i feel like i’m going crazy. looks like i’m going to end up dead anyhow so i thought i would try to get this out there if it’s true which i know this because i’m not crazy people there are ufos aliens entities and aliens and their out there. by the way i’m a christian and believes strongly in my faith and have never dabbled in any type of cult or anything. the only thing that i can think of is why they picked me is because i thought i had seen something strange one night and i won’t go into detail on here. i have plenty more pictures and video. oh and in some of the videos you can hear a man’s garbled voice or something and it sounds like a knife being sharpened or something. i don’t know anymore

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