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Sarasota, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 15. May 2019
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 02:00:00

I was telepathically called outside near bedtime one night, maybe midnight. this is familiar territory with me, not my first ufo or alien (been touched before) experience. i myself am a star seed and unfortunately i'm on earth. i'm here because of the anunnaki. i was watching the stars from the enclosed porch here in fl. i'm familiar with it, love watching stars. i live close to the sarasota airport. i know what planes look like, i know what they don't. so i was called outside, noticed multiple high altitude aircraft (looked like specs) continuously circling overhead, over the general area. i feel i was called to watch something happen. there were weird lightning storms happening to the south east, my porch faces due east and i can see n-nw well all the way to straight south. the airplane landing at sarasota airport fly almost due south over my house, at a few hundred feet, maybe 1000, if the wind is right. so there was a lightning storms, jets (i guess) circling around and around, at least 4 flying a continuous loop for a couple of hours. the lightning storm off in the distance was strange. it wasn't moving, but the clouds were. something gave me an impression there was some sort of battle going on. it was hard to tell. i saw some lights in the clouds in the storm that seemed ufo-like. so i'm watching this storm right? just chilling, feeling good, enjoying whatever show was going on that i had been called to watch. and while i'm siting and watching, i hear what i think is a propeller driven plane coming from the north-northwest. as it gets closer, it starts getting fairly loud. i'm like damn this plane is flying low. it keeps getting closer and i noticed there's something strange about the sound. the typical prop engine sound has a weird pulsating reverberation to it. it sounded almost like an electric-pulsation sound mixed with a propeller. i can here the sounds loudly echoing and reverberating off the local houses. it was surprisingly loud. so i see a red light. the red light is clearly what i'm hearing. as the craft gets into view, it looks like a twin-engine, black aircraft. maybe the size of a 8-12 seater. 30-50 foot wingspan. each engine had a oddly bright, almost crystal looking red light. i have a radio tower east of the house, hat flashes red. it looked exactly like that time of red. it looked so similar that i wondered if they were connected. anyways, this plane is flying at maybe 200-300 feet altitude, and is flying directly over the small lake behind the house, near the far edge. i mean i was just aghast. i couldn't believe how low this plane was so i stood out of my chair to really look at it, considering i was out there already, watching that storm. when it got next to my house and i was staring at it, following it- the two red lights under the engine morphed into 4 red lights, like cells splitting. and all of the sudden the plane was a disk shaped craft. it was loud, i wasn't impressed by its stealth. whoever was piloting the dirty-energy sounding craft freaked out and immediately banked towards me. i could feel them. they didn't like me and i'm pretty sure i didn't like them. i restate, i've had multiple issues and am involved somewhat in inter-dimensional warfare, because i get messed with when i astral project through the 4th dimension to get past it. i know what evil feels like. being in a human body with what i am is difficult, i get harassed. so when it shifts into the disk, i step up and give it the middle finger. just another day on earth, haha. so it banks right and circles over my house. i can hear it's loud ass the whole time. it literally circled my house, then re-joined it's original path and then flew out toward the south west, where the suspicious lightening storm was. i don't know if the cloaked dropped or something about me was able to see through the cloak of make it malfunction, when it went from a plane to a disk with 4 red lights underneath. they were just in a square pattern, about equal distance from the center of the disk to the edge. this craft could've been human made, or maybe some hybrids flying it. hard to tell, definitely felt like they were assholes. i tried to film this craft while it was flying away and my phone got blacked out as soon as the camera picked up the red lights. like somebody was in my phone or the craft was keeping me from filming it. as soon as i moved the camera where the disk ufo was out of frame, the camera magically started working again. and i tried to film it again and the phone camera just magically went black, again, so i gave up on that. so i was sitting out there the next night as well, not even thinking about the previous night. like this following night, i had just stepped out to just get some air. wasn't out there too long, i was siting on my cell phone just messaging and reading news, like the drudge report. and guess what! i hear the weird propeller energy sound again!!! i was super surprised. so i'm waiting for it to fly over, and i see the red lights. i barely get 10 seconds of seeing red lights and i start to feel them, the ones inside of the craft. then the craft suddenly reverses direction instantaneously. i mean like it was on rails, and it didn't even stop. it just instantly changed direction without losing speed and headed back the way it came. i was disappointed.

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