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Kalimna West, Victoria (Australia)

Sighted on Thursday 30. January 2020
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Shape: Other | Duration: 00:00:20

This morning, thursday 30th of january, 2020 i was waiting at a bus stop on the princes highway 5mins out of lakes entrance, victoria, australia. it was 5:19am aedst - i know this because i was catching the 5:21am bus. it was still dark but the rising sun was just starting to lighten the sky ever so slightly. i looked up as i waited & saw an immaculate string of 15 lights or more perfectly placed on some type of craft travelling overhead. i've seen many, many plains & helicopters & satellites in my 43yrs & i knew instantly this was none of the above. i've always had an open mind & in more recent years formed the belief that there is other life forms throughout the universe other than the human race. instantly i was compelled to comprehend the craft i was witnessing was nothing of human construction. it effortlessly cruised across the sky at an odd but extremely direct line with a tilted angle to its line of flight. as i took activated my camera on my mobile phone then located the lights on my screen each time i tried to record or take a picture by phone would instantly leave camera mode. i have full belief it was a ufo belonging to an et life form & is not the first ufo encounter i've experienced.

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