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Bainrsdale Victoria, Australia

Sighted on Tuesday 12. December 2023
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 1 minute

I saw a monolithic pyramid gliding overhead out of heavy fog as I was walking to work around 1211am it happened. It glided slowly from side to side and had dozeb or so triangular vessels of a blue color attached to its underbelly. Easily two or three football fields long and one wide, it blocked out all stars and then accelerated slow then ultra-fast, as its lighting on the underbelly went from green to red to a point of gold on its cone like front. As it drifted sideways to take of I could see and understand its otherworldly depth and size. It was awe inspiring. I walk every night to work and can't wait for a repeat so I wear a go pro and hope to catch more on film.

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