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Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Friday 13. July 2018
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 00:05:00

Looking out my window facing north at the moon at around 10:00 pm mid june 2018 when all of a sudden, something caught my eye just below where i was looking at the moon. i looked down a bit and saw a ufo slowly pull up and stop right in front of me. it was very close as if i could open my window and touch it with a broom. it didn't make any noise whatsoever. it was big and round with orange and red exterior flashing lights going around the exterior of the craft. it was big that i couldn't see the condo building beside us. there was nothing else in the sky at that time, before or right after the ufo, and it was a clear night. after looking at it for a few minutes, i ran to get my iphone to take a picture (maybe took me ten seconds or less), but when i got back to the window, the ufo was gone. i looked out the side window where it was and the front window and couldn't see it, except when i looked at the far corner of the field to the right of the farmer's field across the street from us and it was stationary hovering at the top of the trees. i tried to take a picture, but i couldn't get my camera to expand the screen enough and when i looked up to take a picture anyway, it was gone. since seeing this ufo, i got really sick on 17 dec 2018 and almost died 17 december 2018. i ended up in the er in kemptville. after the er doctor checked me (about 10-15 minutes), she called for an ambulance to take me to the civic hospital in ottawa ontario immediacy. she thought it was a problem with my aorta so she came with me in the ambulance to the civic hospital.. i really don't remember anything for a few days as my blood pressure was dropping very low and i needed meds to bring it up each time. additionally, my heart wasn't great and my kidneys were shouting down and other serious organs were badly affected. the doctors told me that they didn't know what was causing this to happen to me. i was put right into intensive care from 18 - 24 december 2018 with hoses coming out of every orifice of my body. i was giving all kinds of antibiotics, iv fluids, blood pressure medication, etc. doctors put a tube put from side of neck to beside of my heart. i was told by the kidney doctor that if i didn't get better by the next day (i believe by the 5th day of being in icu), that i would need to be put on temporary dialysis as my kidneys were shutting down. i was also in tremendous pain. after 77 days in the icu, i was transferred to a regular room for four days and then transferred back to the kemptville hospital from 28 to 31 december 2018. in addition to the above, i found a lump on my thyroid which when tests taken, doctors found 2 nodes that were tirad 04 and two that were tirad 05. sent back to a hospital for an ultrasound of the nodes and then biopsy of one tirad 05 nodes. the other initial tirad 05 was rated as a tirad 04; therefore, 3 tirad 04 nodes and one tirad 05 node. a biopsy on the tirad 05 showed no cancer and thyroid at the time was fine. it will be checked again soon. also, i had a tia on 6 august 2018, my chronic fatigue has been worse, i've had a few appendicitis attacks (march-april 2019), doctors found a good size cyst just above my appendix, i have fungus on my scalp and some toenails, 2nd possibly related sighting: my husband and i moved to our new house on 10 july 2017. around 13-14 july 2017, i was admiring the stars above and at the back of our new house in kemptville, as barely any light pollution here, and they were stunning. i stared for around 5-10 minutes and then i noticed about 5 large, closer white circles in a arch like row up to the right of my house in the back yard. i thought it was unusual, but kept watching for a minute when the first of the five circles, blinked off then on. then it blinked off and on again followed by the third circle blinking off then on. then the first circle blinked off and on again. then another circle appeared between the first and second circle. when it appeared, the first circle blinked off then on. then the now fourth circle blinked off and on and back to the first circle to blink off and on. the sixth circle didn't blink on or off at all. i kept looking at these arched group of circles for another couple of minutes and they stopped blinking on and off. i looked up to all the other stars for a moment and turned back to look at these circles in an arched row, but they were gone. i would say that the sighting lasted about

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Massena, NY 2017-02-18 Cylinder 20 minutes
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Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) 2016-12-11 Circle
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Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) 2016-11-07 Sphere 00:17:00
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Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) 2016-11-05 Star-like 00:17:00
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Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) 2016-10-16 Sphere 00:03:00
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) 2016-10-15 Star-like 00:00:03
Ottawa (Canada), ON 2016-10-13 Light 10 seconds
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Ottawa (Canada), ON 2016-10-06 Flash 2-3 minutes
Ottawa (Canada), ON 2016-09-28 Triangle 30 seconds
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Ottawa (Canada), ON 2016-09-11 Oval 5 minutes
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Renfrew, Ontario (Canada) 2016-07-20 Disc 00:00:02
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) 2016-07-19 Fireball 00:03:00
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) 2016-07-06 Star-like Undisclosed
Arnprior, Ontario (Canada) 2016-07-04 Triangle Undisclosed
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Arnprior (Canada), ON 2016-06-17 Sphere 40 minutes
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Chelsea, Quebec (Canada) 2016-06-06 Star-like 00:00:04
Ottawa/Gatmea Qiebec, Quebec (Canada) 2016-06-04 Unknown 00:50:00
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Massena, NY 2016-05-17 Fireball 15 seconds
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