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Melton, Victoria, Australia

Sighted on Thursday 09. April 2020
Reported on
Shape: Oblong | Duration: 3 hours

I honestly can not believe I am writing this, I also can’t believe what I have just witnessed over the last 3 hours. This is the first time I have ever written to any forum like this, about this ect. I am really shaken still so please excuse my grammar. What was witnessed tonight is hand on bible true, we were not under ANY INFLUENCE, we are not drug users, weed users, drinkers or smokers. We are literally the most ordinary suburban couple, I have always believed that there might be life outside our planet, but I never looked into it or anything, my husband on the other hand, does not(DID NOT) believe in anything like this until tonight, I feel like I had to write a little disclaimer because if someone told me they had witnessed what I have just witnessed, I WOULD THINK THEY HAD LOST THEIR MINDS! This is the true account of our UFO sighting and I am only writing this in the hopes that someone else out there saw it too, I find it now quite coincidental that this happened while the world is on lockdown, it has started to make me question EVERYTHING. Anyways.... At about 6.15pm my husband and I were sitting outside (on lockdown from Covid 19) in Victoria, the sun was still setting the sky was a dark pink/purple but the sun had not fully set yet and there was no sign of stars in the sky. When I looked into the sky directly behind my husbands head all of a sudden a HUGE bright star looking thing appeared out of thin air, I told my husband to look and asked what is that? (I myself have always believed in E.T, ufos ect but my husband did not. He freaked out when he saw this light, you could clearly see it was not a star, it was an oblong shape and With the lights shinning from it, it almost looked like a cross shaped object, we watched it for about 10 minutes in which we KNEW WITHOUT A DOUBT that it was NOT a star, the object was hovering and moving quite slowly and it was very large, I ran inside for a couple of minutes while he stayed to watch it and came back in 2 minutes in which I could no longer see it from the position I had first sighted it, meaning the object had moved quite a significant distance in a short amount of time. As we kept our focus on the large object because as it flashed quite brightly, I swear on everything, this sounds so crazy I honestly can’t believing I’m typing this but I am in hopes that SOMEONE ELSE SAW WHAT WE DID... we started to see this distinct black shadow looking thing coming from the brightly flashing object, the best way I can describe it as crazy as it sounds is it looked like these black tentacles moving around, we both saw it, we were both screaming to each other “can you see the black thing coming out from the right, left bottoms ect” we could both see it at the same time. As that caught our attention to say the least... we failed to see that many more objects (about 10) had appeared in the same area of the sky but spread a distance from each other, as the sun began to set and the sky became darker, it was all very very clear, the other 10 objects were a lot smaller then the initial first one but still significantly bigger then a star, not only that but you could clearly see a red and white flashing light from them as well as they were also of oblong shape, it was as clear as anything, (The stars started to appear and without a doubt you could tell the difference between the stars and these objects, the stars stayed in the same spot and were not flashing red and white) (we also sighted 2 airplanes in this time which just had no comparison to the object) we watched all of this with our own eyes, but that’s not the craziest part, as we shifted our attention from the initial big one to the smaller (but still quite large) flashing objects, IT WAS CLEAR AS DAY WE COULD SEE ABOUT 20 or so even smaller objects FLYING out of the larger ones, it was as CLEAR as the letters I am typing right now, we both saw it, I called my mum and told her to look she also lives in the same suburb, and she could see them clear as day also, the smaller little objects would flash their lights bright and then switch them off and switch them back on, they were flying so quickly and then stop to hover away from each other, some would fly far into the distance and disappear, others would fly towards the other bigger objects and disappear into them, the smaller ones were the ones moving around, we were clearly so shocked by this and did not want to move our attention to anything else, we kept track of them but there was soo many moving around so quickly, now this is what scares us the most, these smaller objects (from what we observed in particular the ones that flew away and disappeared rather then the ones that would go back into the bigger object)as they flew around, stopped to hover, and flew away again WE BOTH SAW (my mum also still on the phone while watching this happen too) A DARK OBJECT FALLING FROM THE FLYING OBJECT...you could distinguish the dropped object over the flying object because it would fall from the flying object at such a speed (like someone jumping from a plane for example). Now clearly we were very distracted by this in which we all started looking for the 1st Biggest object we saw... it had completely vanished. We spend 3 hours outside watching this, the activity decreased as all the smaller objects flew back to the “medium” sized objects and then those medium objects would hover around for some time until they flew away until they also disappeared. I honestly can’t believe in my life I could witness something so bizarre and unexplainable as this. I was able to get a video of the larger object from my iPhone but the video DOES NOT do it justice, you can clearly see the first big object (no better then you can see a star) but the camera could not pick up the “medium” objects (as you can tell by the footage 1. We had not seen the smaller objects yet and 2. The “stars” we said were flickering was actually the “medium” objects we had not identified yet, at this point there was still not 1 actual “star” in the sky, the “stars” were the 10ish medium objects that we witnessed the smaller objects fly out of and into. ( Your website will not allow me to upload the video, can I email it??) I hope this is clear to read, I am honestly in that much shock after what we witnessed that I am just trying to document this ASAP!

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