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Kyneton Victoria

Sighted on Thursday 17. September 2020
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: Over 20 mins, then I went back inside

Around 1am I went out the front for a smoke before bed. Im visiting my daughters house in Kyneton. She is 20, her Boyfriend is 22 and housemate is 20. All of us seen it. I seen it first and went and got the others when I realized what it was and told them to grab their phones. So 4 adults, 3 phones all filming. An Apple Iphone 7 & 8 plus, and a Samsung. Why I noticed it was because like I said, having a smoke outside at 1 am, its still, quiet, dark night, what else do you do but look up at the stars straight ahead. All the stars this night were faint, dim, little, looking east. I turn right to blow smoke out and there is this big orange light. Straight up in the sky. Not low on the horizon. That was my first thought, is it Venus or another planet? Wouldnt I or anyone have seen something on the news or Facebook today or in the lead up that a planet will be shinning bright on this night? So I walk to the fence line and stared at it. It didnt move so its not a plane. It was like a little fireball. When I say little, I mean it was 3 times the size of the biggest brightest star you have ever seen. Then it split. Not into 2 separate distinct balls, more like i could clearly see a line through the middle but then it would join again. It did this 2 or 3 times. Like I said it was a still night. So I listened for the sound of a helicopter because I know the police have been using a stealth helicopter over Shepparton where I live and around the State. I know what that looks and sounds like. Ive watched it and studied it at night from my driveway. Its not that. So I have Raced in the front door, told the other 3 sitting in the lounge, quick, get up, there is a UFO!! Come look!! Like horses they bolted outside haha. To my disappointment the thing was shining half as bright, but still a bright orange for them to see. Then it would dim and shine and dim and shine. That led one to say is it something reflecting from the sun?? Space junk excuse? But no, this thing is still in the same spot in the sky. Its not moving. Has not moved postion. Over the next 20 mins, we all stood there filming. We all seen it move left and right, up, back to its spot. Not much, like it was shaking, but you knew it wasnt shaking, it moved quick on the spot mor like it. Then it would dim down, so dim to nothing. We all didt take our eyes off the spot, testing to see if its tricking us. It lit back up in the same spot. Only dimmed for under 20 seconds each time it did this. Maybe 10 times it played this trick but we were not walking away. When it came back it was never fire bright orange again. It was like a big star. Zoomed in on the phone was better to watch it. You could see it spinning. A sphere of liquid that could spin in any direction at the same time seamlessly fluently. And that spinning was fast. Extremely Extremely Extremely FAST!! Ive copied the video from my phone to my laptop. I have screenshot a couple pictures from my video as well. I thought it would be better on the big screen but its not. Its better on the phone screen. My laptop is old though, my iPhone 8 Plus probably has better graphics. So yeah, after 4 smokes, this thing in the sky not doing anything but spinning and pretending not to be there we were bored with it. Its 1.30 am, Id love to sit in a chair all night and stare at this thing but its getting cold and I need sleep.

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